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Copy of Staff Training 3

Alternate version of staff training.

Kian Kamas

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Staff Training 3

It's All Politics
The Why and What of Government Affairs
So what's the normal
perception of government
and politics?
What do you actually
DO in Government Affairs?
In a lot of ways, government affairs
is about
building relationships with key players
and using the understanding gained from
those relationships to shape an effective
message for priorities.
How does this help our members?
No matter the size of your business, you're impacted by government policies at the local, state, and federal level.
Local policies impacting businesses:
Zoning and Building Codes
Local tax structure
Maintenance of city streets
Storm water and drainage plans
Quality of life amenities
State policies impacting business:
State tax structure
Incentives and tax credits
Workers' compensation
Road and bridge funding
Education funding
Plus many, many more!
Federal policies impacting business:
Immigration policies
Agency rules and regulations (Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services)
National education standards
Transportation and infrastructure funding
Federal tax structure
OSHA requirements
So how do we know what issues
are important to our members?
The OneVoice process brings together key players in the Tulsa region to decide which issues are the most important to the business community's and our region's success.
Each summer, the Government Affairs team works with these regional partners to identify policies that can be adopted at the State Capitol or in Washington D.C.
And then?
Then the priorities from each task force go to the Regional Legislative Summit, where over 300 people vote to decide which ten state and ten federal issues will guide the Chamber's legislative activities for the next year.
Where are the OneVoice priorities on the political spectrum?
Our ultimate objective, as the Government Affairs team, is to advocate for legislation that will improve the business environment in Tulsa and Oklahoma, and the quality of life of residents.
So where do you fit in to making priorities policy?
What resources does the Chamber provide to help members get involved politically?
Legislative Events:
Capitol Luncheon Series
Legislative Briefing Breakfasts
Legislative Receptions
Regional Day at the Capitol
D.C. Fly-In
Congressional Forums
State of the State
State of the City
Speaker/Pro Tempore Forum
Policy Forum Series
These events provide our members the opportunity to
build relationships
advocate their message
What can you expect to learn in the From Priorities to Policy series?
Session 2: City and County
Role of the Mayor and Council in the City of Tulsa's governmental structure
Regional governance models.
Role of the County Commission in Tulsa County
Organizational structure of Tulsa County
Avenues for participating in local government
Session 3: State and Federal
Structure of the state and federal legislative process
Political and structural barriers to passing legislation at the state and federal level
Avenues for participating in the state and federal policy process
Session 4: Advocacy
How to build political capital with policy makers
Tips for effective advocacy
Political contributions and volunteering
OneVoice Task Forces
Health Care
Business and Environmental Resources
Development, Economy, and Taxes
Labor and Human Resources
Small Business
Business Retention and Expansion
Regional Tourism
From how talented your workforce is, to how much you pay them...
From where you can build your business, to how it will be built...
From how you create your product, to how it will make it to consumers...

Your business is impacted by government.
The best advocates for any issue are those who have real life experience. In other words - you are our most valuable resource for affecting change.
Each task force develops a list of items which they consider to be the top legislative priorities in that issue area. At the final meeting, the members vote to determine the top three (3) state and top three (3) federal items.
The OneVoice Legislative Agenda then guides the Chamber and government affairs staff in determining which issues our members and regional partners do or do not support.
Key topics at the state level for 2014:
Health care
Education funding
Transportation infrastructure
Key topics at the federal level for 2013:
Transportation infrastructure (roads and waterways)
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