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Elayne Kuczmynda

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of POLAND


Survival Needs -Clothing
Survival needs-Defense & Housing
Cracrow is a completly preserved medieval city, the only Polish city to not be destroyed in World War II. Cracrow has many castles, and Wawel Casle
is one of them.
Cracrow is listed by UNESCO
as one of the world's most significant sights.


Poland's most treasured icon is the Black Madonna. It can be found in the Jasna Gora, a holy shrine. The Black Madonna was rescued from Jerusalem in A.D 70, but nobody knows where it was originally made, or when it was made. It is important to the Polish culture because it is said that it was painted by St. Joseph himself.
Polish money is called zloty. Polish currency pictures famous and important people, similar to how we do it in the U.S. The zloty pictured here is the 20000 zloty, with Marie Curie on it (Nobel prize winner), the 5000 zloty, with Fredric Chopin (composer), and the 1000 zloty, with Mikolaj Kopernick (astronomer).
The Black Madonna
Tatra Finery
Jacek Malczewski's paintings- Melancholia
More On Malczewski
Malczewski has many other paintings that represent Poland's hard times. Death (left), and Obrezy (right) are just a few of his disturbing paintings.

Say you want to buy the new Apple ipad Air. In the U.S it will cost you $700, but in Poland it will cost you 2324 zloty!
1 U.S Dollar= 3.32 zloty
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Dec. 2013

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In Poland, art is sometimes used as a way of communicating. For example, Jacek Malczewski, a Polish artist, shows sad, sometimes disturbing pictures. They represent Poland’s long period of darkness and sadness. The picture shown here is called Melancholia, and communicates fighting and sadness.
Tatra finery is the traditional costume in Poland around mass. The women and girls wear colorful lace-trimmed skirts with embroidered waists and caps. The men and boys wear felt pants with designs, broad belts and colorful hats. This clothing is the costume that represents the culture.
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