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Suzanne Basso


Rebekah Morgan

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Suzanne Basso

Suzanne Basso Background Information Grew up in Schenectady, N.Y.
She was one of eight children and the youngest of the three girls
Her parents were both drunks
According to a sibling she was abused physically and sexually
She became a delinquent teenager dealing with sex, truancy (not attending school), and theft. Education & Family Attended a Catholic reform school in Albany
She managed to complete high school
She married James Peek after high school; who was a marine
They had two children: one daughter born in 1973 and a son born in 1974 Life at Home Their daughter told a Houston Chronicle that her parents marriage was about sexual deviance
She also said her mother was beautiful when they got married but afterwords she let herself go weighing 350 pounds in her 5-foot-2 frame After their father was sent to jail... While the father was spending his sentence in jail the children was sent to foster homes
Although, they were eventually sent to live with relatives later on What crime did she commit? Suzanne Basso kidnapped a 59 year old handicapped man
She and five other people, including her son, then tortured him by beating him with belts, baseball bats, steel toed boots, hands and feet.
Basso was the leader What was her sentence? Suzanne got the death sentence
She died on September 1, 1999
She is now dead Life at Home continued Hardy (the daughter) said she remembers waiting for her father while her mother was having sex with another man inside the house
Sometimes Suzanne would take her two children to strangers houses and make them wait Children's life The father James was convicted of molesting his own daughter and spend 11 months in prison
Hardy recalled her mother making her and her brother undress for two maintenance men
The boy, also named James was beaten by both mother and father Strangers Then during the 1990's the family was reunited and Suzanne changed their family name to O'Malley
She then changed their whole living style and started to take people off the streets to live with them
One man tells us that they had taken him in but he had moved out sooner than he planned because of the family being "too weird" James (the son) life
Speaking of weird...
Suzanne even made James (her own son) eat off floors, beg, and even shoplift
Often she locked him in the house so he wouldn't leave
The son said when he was 17 he complained to the authorities but nothing was done How did she do it? She had wooed him into thinking she would marry him once they moved to Texas away from his friends and family who lived in New Jersey
The body was found in a ditch by a jogger with injuries so bad the body was unrecognizable References http://murderpedia.org/female.B/b/basso-suzanne.htm
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