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LI 11/ Pool at the Crook

No description

Rikki Lee

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of LI 11/ Pool at the Crook

Pool at the Crook,
Pool at the Bend
Quchi Large Intestine
Eleven Where is it? How would you use LI-11? The definition you've
already memorized: When the elbow is flexed, the point is in the depression at the lateral end of the transverse cubital crease, midway between Lung 5 and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.

By squeezing the upper and lower arm together, creating a mount of skin on the radial side of the elbow the center of this mound should be midway between Lung 5 and the lateral epicondyle of humerus. Point Energetics LI - 11 is the principal point on the Large Intestine channel and one of the foremost points on the body to clear heat and fire.

Clears heat and cools blood
Removes obstructions and heat from the channel
Lowers blood pressure
Resolves dampness
Regulates the intestines
Benefits the sinews and joints Tonification point

Earth/He-sea point - Where the Qi of the Channel enters a deeper level to communicate with its pertaining organ.

Included by Sun Si-Miao among his thirteen ghost points for the treatment of mania disorders and epilepsy.

Traditionally paired with:
LI 4 to reduce fevers
Stomach 36 for wind stroke
Urinary Bladder 40 for skin disorders Main point for reducing heat of any etiology, especially high fever and hot skin diseases; lowers high blood pressure; earth point
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