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No description

Aneesa Azize

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of asdfghjkl

Tennessee Williams Streetcar named Desire [SCENE 6] 1. Mitch asks for a goodnight kiss 5 KEY POINTS FROM SCENE 6 2. Mitch tells Blanche he likes her 5 KEY POINTS FROM sCENE 6 3. Blanche then enters the room with drinks and candles 5 KEY POINTS FROM SCENE 6 4. Blanche and Mitch flirt 5 KEY POINTS FROM SCENE 6 5. Blanche gets very emotional talking about her lost loved one 5 KEY POINTS FROM SCENE 6 1.“I’ve outstayed my welcome”- Blanche speaking to Mitch 5 KEY QUOTES FROM SCENE 6 Erin & Aneesa
05-11-12 2.“The other room’s more comfortable-go on in. This crashing around in the dark is my search for some liquor”
- Blanche speaking to Mitch 5 KEY QUOTES FROM SCENE 6 3.“It’s really a pretty frightful situation. You see, there’s no privacy here.
There’s just these portieres between the two rooms at night. He stalks through the rooms in his underwear at night.
And I have to ask him to close the bathroom door.
That sort of commonness isn’t necessary.
You probably wonder why I don’t move out.
Well, I’ll tell you frankly.
A teacher’s salary is barely sufficient for her living expenses.
I didn’t save a penny last year and so i had to come here for the summer.
That’s why I have to put up with my sister’s husband.
And he has to put up with me, apparently so much against his wishes. . .
Surely he must have told you how much he hates me!”- Blanche speaking to Mitch 5 KEY QUOTES FROM SCENE 6 5 KEY QUOTES FROM SCENE 6 4.“How old are you?”- Mitch speaking to Blanche 5.“I loved someone, too, and the person I loved I lost”- Blanche speaking to Mitch 5 KEY QUOTES FROM SCENE 6 Colour & Music Music- Varsouviana that plays in the background Colour- Darkness due to being 2am. Blanche mentions many terms dealing with lightness and darkness She reveals that she will be leaving Elysian Fields soon.When Mitch asks if he may kiss her goodnight. He explains to Blanche that she is different than the rest. Also that she has an independent spirit. Blanche invites him into the building. Blanche lights a candle and get drinks for herself and Mitch. She says that they must celebrate and forget their problems on their last night together. Mitch is embarassed by his sweat, she tells him she doesn't mind. They begin to talk about weight and Mitch lifts up Blanche as a way to embrace her. Blanche stops him and says she has "old fashion ideal" She begins to drink more, she starts to share what happened to her husband. One day, she came home to find her young husband in bed with an older man. Later on that night they went to the casino. They got into an argument and he ran out of the casino and shot himself. Same music on the night her husband commited suicide too. This quote is important because shes telling Mitch in a not so flirty way that its her last night with him and also in a way making is sound like she's not welcomed anymore. Shes also giving Mitch the chance to say what's on his mind for the last time. This quote is important because from what we know she said she's not that big of a drinker but since she's been staying with Stella and Stanley, she's been drinking plenty. She normally calls for more shots. She arrives home drunk and still in search for some more liquor. Shes also starting to flirt with Mitch in a way by telling him to make himself comfortable due to the effect of the alcohol. This quote is important because Blanche is expressing her feelings about how Stanley hates her and how she has no privacy. She says that he stalks her while he's in his underwear, making her feel uncomfortable. It's also important because she then confesses that the only reason she came to stay with her sister and her brother-in-law was because she hadn't saved a penny, also that she had no where else to go. This quote is important because Blanche has been lying to Mitch about her age saying she always looked older then Stella but was always the younger one. Its also important because Mitch told his mom about Blanche and his mom was asking about her age, but he couldn't give her an answer because he himself didnt know how old she was. Blanche again, doesnt answer his question and changes the topic asking about Mitch's mom. This quote is important because Mitch tells Blanche about how he'd be lonley once his mom passed away. This gave Blanche the opportunity to bring up her past and express her emotions about the loved one that she had lost. In the end, after telling Mitch about how she lost her loved one, they then come to a realization that they are the ones for eachother.
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