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Teacher Planning

No description

Jodie Spratt

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Teacher Planning

Teacher Planning
Classroom Management
Teacher planning includes key components of classroom management:

To be effective a teacher should-
Create a classroom where students feel safe and accepted
Be able to make most of the time they have
Ensure that their students understand that classroom rules and accountability are valuable components of learning.
Be able to keep their lesson materials organized and is prepared when class begins
Create rules and procedures that "set the tone for the year" (358).
-discussed on the first day
-make sense to the grade level you
are teaching
Arrange their classroom in a way that accommodates all students
Curriculum Planning

Weekly Plan Time

Classroom Management

Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery Techniques
What it feels like not to have and effective plan.
Curriculum Planning
enables school to monitor the coverage, continuity,development of desired knowledge, skills, and the understanding of values across the stages of schooling.
Curriculum Planning
Summer Workshops

focuses on certain aspects

outcome not always visible

Year round workshops

plan times

meeting with other teachers
Butterfly Snack Activity
You will need:

Intro Preparing and Teaching a Specific Lesson
Warm up

Present the information

Practice what was presented

Check work and progress

Practice with less guidance

Always ask if there are any questions

Tie the lesson together
Weekly Planning from a Teacher's Point of View
Script out your lessons

Always have wiggle room

Make lesson plans versatile and easily understood

Always have a back-up plan
Example of "Classroom Rules & Procedures"

Example of a "Classroom Arrangement"
The Overall Aspects of Weekly Teacher
Effective Lesson plans

Have an overview

Plan a weekly timeline

Use multiple learning styles

Know your students individually
The first step

define each grade level

which core knowledge will be taught

when they will be taught
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Eggen, Paul. Educational Psych. Upper Saddle River: Pearson, 2010. Print.
Types of Learners
Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery Techniques
Establish a Positive Classroom Environment

Begin Lessons by Giving Clear Instructions

Maintain Student Attention

Use Appropriate Pacing

Auditory Learners

Visual Learner

Kinesthetic Learners
Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery Techniques
Make a Smooth Transition into the Next Subject.

Develop Positive Teacher/ Student Relationships

Evaluate What is Taking Place in Your Lesson
1 Banana
2 Pretzles
2 chocolate chips
1 spinach leaf
2 apple straws
1 gummy worm
1 Pistachio
Syrup of choice
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