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Alternative Energy


darschae nichols

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

Alternative energy
darschae nichols What alternative energy should japan switch to. WHat is alternative energy? Why i choose this country? Tokyo japan has a population of over 12 million ,
This matters because there is more energy used per capita. Prices can range form 10,000 to 80,000 DevicePercentage
Air conditioning24.9%
Electric carpet4.4%
Electric toilet seat4.1%
Clothes drier2.9%
Dishwasher and drier1.7%
The average japanese houshold
alternative energy is energy that can be restored. In 2008 japan ranked third after united states and china for electricity use.
1.025 trillion kWh produced during that year. I have three major reasons why japan should swith to using wind turbines.
1) duh! it will help produce energy for them to power everything

2) This could help them save money to do other things

3) And it will help the environment =]

These reasons can work for anybody There are also three reasons why Switching to wind turbines could be bad.

1) Japan may not be able to afford wind turbines.

2) Space

3) And people who dont want change What are Wind turbines?
Wind turbines can produce enough energy to power a small village, if japan were to switch to wind turbines they could power all those little signs they have in tokyo.
And they dont have to stop there.
Im not going to give the size of japan, but its big enough to fit wind turbines somewhere. What do you think?
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