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The Closed Town

No description

Kyla Chandler

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Closed Town

The Closed Town
The Closed Town
What is gained by war? Does anyone TRULY win?
The Closed Town
Everything leans, like tottering, hunched old woman.
Every eye shines with fixed waiting and for the word "when?"
Here there are few soldiers. Only tye shot down birds tell of war.
You believe every bit of news you hear.
The buildings are now fuller,
Body smelling close to body,
And the garrets scream with light for long, long hours.
This evening I walked along the street of death.
On one wagon, they were taking the dead away.
Why so many marches have been drummed here?
Why so many soldiers?

A week after the end,
Everthing will be empty here.
A hungry dove will peck for bread
In the middle of the street will stand
An empty, dirty
Emotional Appeal
Depression, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, loss, deprivation
Figurative Language
"Everything leans, like tottering, hunched old women."
Most Memorable Line
Why so many marches have been drummed here?
Why so many soldiers?
A week after the end,
Everying will be empty here.
Message to Others
War is horrifying, filled with death, waiting, and depair. No one truly wins, for the true cost is the loss of so many men.
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