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EME2040 project

Brandon Robinson

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Edmodo

Connecting learning communities
to maximize learning possibilities.

Quiz Tutorial
By: Chris
By: Brandon
By: Daniel
Notes can allow the teacher to send out notifications
and attachments such as images, videos and articles.

Alerts are quick messages or reminders to
send to your specified group

The Poll tab allows the creator of the group to send out polls for quick surveys.
This feature also allows for multiple answers

Snapshots are built in standardized assessments for a quick and easy look at where students are in relation to your local standardized test.

The Library is a feature that lets you upload links and files to access anywhere.

The ‘Attached to Posts’ tab allows the user to access older attachments from notes without the hassle of scrolling through their wall notifications from the past.

Edmodo also has built in compatibility connection to Google Drive.

You then select the recipients
one by one or select the whole
group you are working in.

Click the due date you
want from the calendar. I chose the 9th.

Click here to set due date.

Can print for in class
Can assign online to
incorporate web-based

You can review the test,
and like Microsoft office,
it will show you errors
and help fix them.

If the assessment is being
taken online then you hit
assign quiz.

You put the A’s with the
matching number
and so forth and the quiz
randomizes it for the
students' assessment.

The Navigation Center takes you question to question while making the Assessment.

Click Quiz tab.
Then click create a quiz.

For fill in the blank you leave ___
where the blank goes and you type
the answer in this lower box.

This text box gives you
a chance to tell the students
what they should be doing,
and thinking about
during the test.

You can select from Multiple
choice, True/False,
short answer, fill in the blank
and matching.

Make a Name for your quiz, and set how long the students have.

Here you provide the Prompt.

For multiple choice, you put choices below and select the correct answer in the system.

-At the bottom of the page you can chose to add more responses to choose from.

You can make small changes in this box as shown above.
Quizzes are an essential
way to check for
understanding in students
You can also add attachments
and files from the library
using these buttons.
Hope you learned a lot!
If you have any questions this is the time to ask. We will be happy to answer.
Ed Modo
Brandon Robinson
Daniel Horton
Chris Coleman
What is Edmodo?
A free virtual environment to
connect students with each other
and teachers.
Edmodo organizes students into groups
so teachers can share...
Teachers can use Edmodo

setting homework
giving quizzes
The most functional use for teachers using
Edmodo is the creation and manangement
of Groups. Creating a group allows the
teacher to deliver specific nodes of
information to specific groups of students.

Teachers who teach
multiple periods can
use groups to differentiate their class periods and set different lesson plans for each group.
Advantages in Application
easy way for students to collaborate
easy way for teachers to connect to students outside of the class/at home
students who miss class can still get assignments
utilizes constructivism and connectivism and great for visual learners as well
easy way for students to give feedback on each others work
great way to teach social media
allows teachers to target and share content with specific groups/students
Disadvantages in Application
requires PC
requires internet
may be difficult for students to upload work using iPad
Signing up is free for students and does not require an email account
Interface is very similar to Facebook
Teaching in use
This web site incorporates social constructivism as you become a node who can add and send information between our students and fellow peers. It also has some aspects of constructivism because students can start on a subject area then do research and add on to the knowledge you kn ow from student to student.
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