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Does every conflict have a winner?

Assessment Photo Album for Walden University - EDUC 6731B-2

Leslie Austin

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Does every conflict have a winner?

Does every conflict have a winner?
Learning Goals
- Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis on what the text says explicitly as well as draw inferences from the text.

- Determine the theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text.

- Introduce claims, acknowledge alternate or opposing claims, and organize the reasons and evidence logically

- Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 7 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.

Social Studies Content Standard 6.0
- Personal development and identity are shaped by factors including culture, groups, and institutions. Central to this development are exploration, identification, and analysis of how individuals and groups work independently and cooperatively.
There are many possible outcomes to every conflict.
Compromise is often part of successful conflict resolution.
We must work to solve conflicts in all parts of our lives – from personal conflicts to those the affect the global community.
Authors do not always tell you what they want you to take from a story. It is up to you, the reader, to infer the meaning of certain elements of the story, including the theme.
Inferences are supported by details that the author reveals throughout the story.

What will we do?
Identify the elements of a short story.
Pick out the elements of a short story while reading.
Construct a plot diagram or plot map of a short story.
Infer the theme of a short story.
Write a summary of a short story.
Correctly use vocabulary terms from a short story and from current events.
Identify important current events and conflicts.
Research and review reliable sources to form an opinion of current global conflicts.
Write and present arguments to the class and use evidence to support the arguments.
Getting Started
Create your Facebook profile so we can get to know each other!
OK, well, it's really a poster.
Your name
Your birthday
Where were you born?
What are your favorite things to do?
Your favorite music, movies, books, and other cool stuff you want to share.
Your picture - Yes! You have tp draw this!
What are we going to do with our posters?
We are going to turn our classroom into
How are we going to do that???
We are going to hang our posters all over the classroom walls. We will do a gallery walk and read our classmates' profile posters.
Yes, comments!

Be sure to make comments on at least 5 classmates' profiles.

Ask questions, and check your profile to answer questions that your classmates as you!
Why are we doing this?
This is a fun way to get to know more about your classmates!

Find something you might have in common. Make connections. Learn more about your friends.
What is conflict?
Let's talk about that ...
We will have a classroom discussion to talk about conflict and share examples of conflicts that we know and see in our lives.
We will create an anticipation guide for our unit. Keep up with this because we will keep adding to it!

What is this anticipation guide?
We will ask and answer questions throughout the unit. Your answers may change, that's ok!

Your first question:
Does every conflict have a winner? What do you think? Explain your answer.
How do you know?
How will you show me?

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
OH NO! SpongeBob SquarePants has been accused of murdering Mr. Krabs!
You are going to be part of a prestigious legal team.
You will be assigned to a legal team, either the prosecution or the defense.
What will my legal team do?
You will be given facts from the case.

You will work with your team to combine the facts to help prove SpongeBob's innocence or guilt.
And then ...
You will present your evidence to the "court".

This is great for practicing speaking in front of your classmates.
Why are we doing this?
You will be showing your skills for combining evidence to support your argument. This will be very helpful as we write argumentative essays and debate in class later in the unit.
We will use this activity to help guide trough the next part of our unit. We will be prepared for our culminating activity!
Our Culminating Activity
This is it!

You will get to show off all that you have learned throughout the unit!

You will combine your understanding of conflicts, inferences, themes, summaries, argumentative writing, and speaking/listening for this activity.
Ripped from the headlines
We will start by researching and studying a conflict from current events.

You will review information and form your opinion about the best possible resolution to the conflict.
Your opinion matters!
Once you have formed your opinion, you will use the evidence you have gathered to write an argumentative essay. This essay will be your guide for the next step in this activity.
You are a senator!
We will turn our class into a senate chamber. You will be senators. You will state your position on the conflict at hand. You will use the evidence you gathered to support your position and to take a stand against opposing opinions. You will use your essay as your guide. We will take votes at the beginning and end of the debates to see if any opinions change. How effective is your argument?
Then what?
You will summarize our debates.

For enrichment, you will also write a proposal for the resolution to the conflict based on the senatorial vote. You will use evidence from your argumentative essay, our debates, and your summary to write your proposal.
How will I know if I am going it right?
You will help create the rubric for our culminating activity. Here is a guide to get us started.
What about other quizzes and tests?
That's a great question!

We will work on those as we read different stories throughout our unit.

We will come up with stated propositions as we read. We will turn those into test questions.

Without giving away the story, some of the questions might look like this.
True or False
True/False: The outcome of the championship boxing match was not critical to the ending of the story because friendship is what mattered most to Felix and Antonio. The theme of this story is, “Win or lose, friends are always there for each other.”

True/False: The outcome of the championship boxing match was critical to the ending of the story because winning the match and going to the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament was the goal for both Felix and Antonio. The theme of this story is, “Do what it takes to win.”

Short Answer
The outcome of the championship boxing match was not critical to the ending of the story because friendship is what mattered most to Felix and Antonio. What is the theme of this story?
The outcome of the championship boxing match was not _____________________ to the ending of the story because friendship is what mattered most to Felix and Antonio. The _______________________ of this story is, “Win or lose, friends are always there for each other.”
Multiple Choice
Why was the outcome of the championship boxing match not critical to the ending of the story?
Explain how the outcome of the championship boxing match did or did not affect the theme of this story? Use to examples from the text to support your answer.
Both boys trained hard and would have the chance to represent the Boys Club in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament.
Everyone knew that Antonio was going to win the boxing match anyway because the text says, “Antonio danced, a joy to behold. His left hand was like a piston pumping jabs one right after another with seeming ease.”
Friendship mattered most to Antonio and Felix because the text says, “No matter the decision, they knew they would always be champions to each other.”
Felix was going to win because the text says, “Felix’s short and muscular frame made him a better slugger.”
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