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South Asia

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sir Lanka

Amos Davidson

on 25 February 2010

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Transcript of South Asia

South Asia India Himalaya ...tallest mountain range in the world. More then 5 miles in height. Green Revolution effort to use modern technology and science Mohandas Gandhi Peace Salt Killed Enviromental Challenges Pesticides, industrial waste, and burning coal
....all forms of pollution Hinduism more then one god or goddess reincarnation cows are sacred 18 DIFFERENT languages Monsoons ...wind that blows steadily producing a lot of rain Pakistan Hindu Kush Khyber Pass Kashmir ...vast water resources Army controls government Muslim Mosques ...pray at certain times Languages Urdu (official) Punjabi Sindhi Islamabad ..modernize Pakistan Karachi Seaport Two Major Rivers Brahmaputra Ganges Bangladesh Muslim Cyclone ..intense tropical storm system with high winds and heavy rains tidal waves Farming Economy can grow 3 times a year outdated farm techniques rice, sugarcane, jute and wheat Rural houses Dhaka speak Bengali Nepal 8 of 10 highest mountain ranges Mount Everest 29,035 Feet!! depends enitrely on farming Economy subsistence farmers farmers moving up mountain slopes Sherpa skilled mountain climbers Bhutan "Land of Thunder Dragon" Subsistence farmers ...grow only enough food to feed their family Hydroelectric power Dzonkha dialect Buddhism ...once called the hidden Holy Land Dzong King and elected legislature Sri Lanka White beaches, dense forests, abudant wildlife tea, rubber and coconuts grow at elevation famous for sapphires, rubies, other gemstones "brilliant land" parlimentary democracy Sinhalese speak Sinhalese and are buddhist Tamils speak Tamil and are hindus Buddha
"enlightened one" it's official... hinduism
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