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Milena Said

on 31 October 2011

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Transcript of Science

Nervous System What is the nervous system? The Nervous System is a system that receives information about what is happening inside and out your body. It sends impulses that make your body respond. A respond is how you body reacts to the stimulus A stimulus is a nerve impulse, when something is wrong the impulse is send to the brain to recieve the information of how to react towards the information. Questions and answers about the Nervous System: What are the 5 parts your brain is divided into? Cerebellum, Cerebrum, brain stem, hypothalamus and the Diaphragm What can happen if your Nervous System is not working efficently? You can get a Migraine or head-ahe. What are the 3 kinds of neurons? Motor neuron Inter neuron Sensory neuron A neuron has a large __ that contains the nucleus, threadlike extensions called dendrites and axons. What is the name of the threadlike extensions neurons have? They are extensions that are very thin and go through all of the body. This extensions are called dendrites. Which of these is a function of the nervous system?
a. Allows you to move
b. Maintainig balance.
c. Maintaining Homeostasis The answer to this question is maintainig homeostasis, meaning that it regulates your body temperature. The neuron has a large cellbody. What is the peripheral nervous system? The division of the nervous system consisting on all the nerves located outside the central nervous system.
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