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Atithi Devo Bhava

No description

anubhav garg

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Atithi Devo Bhava

lets take a history lesson A possible solution A Tale of Two Countries Hasan, Razan and Yasmin with their beautiful daughter with love
-Iran a simple thanks
-Afghanistan we can't file a PIL So how do we go about it?? Adelah with his four year old son Dhruv Mathur 10DM-044
Ankit Kumar 10IB-013
Ankur Jain 10IB-015
J. Jayasheela 10FN-048
Jasleen Chandok 10DM-064
Anubhav Garg 10IB-018 Some

Facts All major monuments in India are funded by UNESCO.
Almost no other country practises such discrimination.

Q: But then how would they know that the tickets are cheaper for them? There is no sign board saying so?
A: “Aah! We come to know when they ask us for ticket. Then we guide them accordingly”

Q: What about foreign students?
A: It’s nominal for the students too. The kind of Responses that we got from officials: Simple Facts:
1. Not all foreigners are Americans,
2. Even then, in terms of PPP, $1 = INR 15 Not the case! We inquired at Qutub Minar posing as tourists from Sri Lanka and were asked to pay INR 250. never heard a more bogus answer true : any foreign national studying here in India can buy the nominal ticket on producing her/his college ID card.) Sadly many exchange students we talked to did not know about this and initially did buy the costlier ticket. || Atithi Devo Bhava || but is it? one may also argue that a turbulent past left India skeptical about any foreigner on its soil. Welcome to India
Please leave your footwear outside Q: Why do we charge so much from foreigners?
A: “You know the foreign money is worth 50 times Indian rupee so for them INR 250 means only $5. Officials speak A pertinent 'Q' Q: Moreover what about people from ASEAN or SAARC countries?
A: “Ooh! For them rates are same as that for Indians” Officials speak Martin
(Czech_Republic) Reality check! Fallouts but we could garner support on social networking sites. Unrivalled tourism? No Thanks Yet! *What about state owned souvenir shops?
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