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the haber process

by zelah hannah and hannah

zelah williams

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of the haber process

The Haber Process The raw materials for this process are hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen is obtained by reacting natural gas - methane - with steam, or through the cracking of oil. Nitrogen is obtained by burning hydrogen in air. When hydrogen is burned in air, the oxygen combines with the hydrogen, leaving nitrogen behind. Nitrogen and hydrogen will react together under these conditions:

a high temperature - about 450ºC
a high pressure - about 200 atmospheres (200 times normal pressure)
an iron catalyst The reaction is reversible.

nitrogen + hydrogen = ammonia

N2(g) + 3H2(g) = 2NH3(g)

The (g) indicates that the substance is a gas.
The flow chart shows the main stages in the Haber process. and that was.. . by.. Farm Zelda AND.. Drama! Science The catalyst is actually slightly more complicated than pure iron. It has potassium hydroxide added to it as a promoter - a substance that increases its efficiency.
The pressure varies from one manufacturing plant to another, but is always high. You can't go far wrong in an exam quoting 200 atmospheres.

At each pass of the gases through the reactor, only about 15% of the nitrogen and hydrogen converts to ammonia. (This figure also varies from plant to plant.) By continual recycling of the unreacted nitrogen and hydrogen, the overall conversion is about 98%.

bye bye!
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