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Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

No description

Anthony Mers

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie
Chapter One: "Dangerous Pie"
This chapter begins as the main character reflects back to the past year. Use the information on the first page to INFER what the special occasion is.
Reference the text to support your answer
Chapter Two: "Jeffrey's Moatmeal Accident"
What are 'rents?
Chapter Three: "Anxiety with Tic Tacs"
What is Steven nervous about?
Chapter Four: "The Fat Cat Sat"
What kind of figurative language is represented by the sentence "I'm going to be like Robin Hood."?
Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie
Jordan Sonnenblick
Reflect upon what you know about this type of occasion. Why would it lead the character to recollect about the last year?
How does the journal entry writing lead to Steven writing about his little brother Jeffrey?
Based on this chapter, what are Stephen's...
Explain what each excerpt from the story means...
"How would you like to be King of the Planet for 8 glorious years, and then be demoted to Vice-King?"

"And while he's being much too cute and following me around, he also destroys all my stuff, including my self-esteem and my sanity."

"As this was such a grand occasion, I decided to take the special sticks down from their sacred perch and use them for my practice-pad warm-up."

"All of the other members of the band have nicknames that relate to royalty (King, Duke, Princess, Count) What is Stephen's nickname and why is it significant?"
Foreshadowing...is when an author gives clues or hints about what might happen later in the story. The last sentence in this chapter is, "Looking back at those days now, I'd have eaten the Dangerous Pie if I could stopped October from coming. " Based on your book preview and information in this chapter, predict what will happen in October.
What is the genre for this book?
How do you know?
Analyze Jeffrey's speech style...What are some unique words or phrases he uses?
How does Jeffrey's speech style form a picture in your head about the kind of character he is?
ONOMATOPOEIA...is a type of figurative language in which the words mimic the sound they represent (pop, slam, etc) Look on page 16 to find a sentence that shows onomatopoeia.
Why does the author write some parts of this chapter in regular print and other parts in slanted print called italics?
What does Steven mean when he says everyone in his family talks in "CAPITAL LETTERS"?
SARCASM...is a type of figurative language in which what is said is the exact opposite of what is meant in order to be funny. This excerpt shows an example of sarcasm, "You know what, Mom? I body-slammed him, OK? I decided it would be really fun to set a five-year-old on a bar stool at 6:42am, take a running leap, and knowck him down like we were trying out for the WWF. It worked great too." What does Steven really mean?
Symbolism...is when an author uses another object or idea to represent a deeper meaning. While Steven's mom is carrying Jeffy to the car, Steven explains that "I had this weird feeling that my brother was getting smaller and smaller." What does this symbolize?
How does Steven feel about his place in his family? use information from the text and your own ideas to support your answer.
Compare Renee and Annette using the Venn Diagram. (3 ideas in each section)
Make a prediction. What do you think will happen with Steven and Renee in the story?
What do you think will happen with Steven and Annette?
Which type of figurative language is represented by this excerpt:
"Oh, I don't know Mr. W. I was really hoping to play cowbell on it. Or...maybe...I don't know...the triangle?"
What does Steven really mean?
Why is Steven's first feeling relief when his mom tells him that Jeffy has leukemia?
Use these words to write a summary of the chapter...
Tic Tacs
playing drums
spring concert
Which POV is this story written in? How do you know?
Cares for Jeffery
She likes Steven

Care for Jeffy?
Same school
Connected thru peers

Concerned about her appearance (red lipstick, perfume)
She knows that Steven likes her
How does Steven feel about Jeffy having cancer? Use your own ideas and information from the text to support your answer.
How will the Alper's life change? What will each character do and where will they go?
On the last page of the chapter, Steven explains that, "If I had known that this would basically be the last time I'd have both parents paying attn to me at once, I probably would have taken the hug. " What kind of literary device is this?
What do you predict will happen to this family?
Chapter Five: "Jeffrey's Vacation"
Why does Steven tell Jeffrey his explanation about raccoons?
Why do you think Steven didn't tell anyone at school about Jeffrey's leukemia?
How does Steven's dad react to Jeffrey's illness?
Why do you think he reacts this way?
Complete the sentences to help the paragraph make sense...
While I was watching Renee in math class, Jeffrey was ... When Annette was smacking my arm, .... When I was laughing at a teacher's joke,.... It was rediculous that everyone but me....
Steven talks about different roles "guys" have in a group. What roles does he think he represents?
_______________________________ and _______________________________.
How does this affect how people view him during the time period when he is waiting to hear news about Jeffrey?
Community Building Activity-
Short vs. Long Term Goals
Goal- What is the end result?
Plan- What are the necessary steps?
Action- What steps have you already taken...or what background have you built to work towards your goals?
Think about GPA for yourself...then share with the group
What does Steven mean by the expression, "who died and left you Sherlock Holmes?"
Cause & Effect: Sometimes events in a story are connected. The first event CAUSES the 2nd Event to happen.

Steven stops doing his homework
and paying attention in class.

"in the zone"
"Steven after Renee walked in"
Chapter Six: "No More Vacation"
An anecdote is a short, amusing story. Steven tells an anecdote about Jeffrey in this excerpt:
"Once we drove to the Outer Banks for a vacation when Jeffrey was three, and he stayed up until after midnight on the way down. At about 10pm, while he was giving me a lecture on the various Rescue Heroes, and why Voice-Tech Rescue Hero is completely different from a Body Force Rescue Hero, my parents pulled off the highway into a Cracker Barrel restaurant and rented a Charlotte's Web book on tape to shut him up. But even then, he made my mom stop the tape every fifteen minutes so he could ask long strings of questions."
Why does Steven share this story and how is it connected to the story?
Why does Steven tell Jeffy to throw up on his dress shoes next time?
What is Jeffy's diagnosis?
What is Jeffy's prognosis?
Why do you think Steven doesn't want his parents to tell the school about jeffrey's cancer?
1 or 2 words explaining the relationship between each set of characters
Chapter Seven: "Take Me!"
Chapter Eight: "Fever"
Chapter Nine: "Trouble"
Chapter Ten: "Starving in Siberia"
Chapter Eleven: "Pointlessness and Boy Perfume
Chapter Twelve: "The Silver Lining"
Chapter Thirteen: "Fear, Gum, Candy"
Chapter Fourteen: "Good News, Bad News"
Chapter Fifteen: "Close Shaves in an Unfair World"
How does bargaining relate to Steven in this part of the story?
How does Steven seeing Annette play the piano change his perception of her?
Explain the "frowny/smily" rating system used by Steven and Jeffrey when visitors dropped by the house.
What 4 adjectives best describes how Steven felt about the school dance?
Circle the adjectives that most strongly describes his feelings.
Do you think Steven's mom should have had the DJ announce that she was there to pick him up?
Why do you think she did this?
Steven's mom tells Jeffrey's fever could be serious, but what other clues show Steven there might be something to worry about?

What are some of the medical terms from the chapter ? Try to name at least 10. Put a circle around any words you know what they mean... Put a star next to words you have heard before. Put an X by any words you have never heard before.
What role does Steven play with Jeffrey in the hospital ?
What problem, other than Jeffrey's cancer, does Steven learn is plaguing his family?
When Steven's mom says,"Should I storm into your graduation wearing sweatpants?" What type of figure of speech is this?
What is the significance of this toy in the story?
What figure of speech is represented in the following excerpt?
"It was a really stupid and pointless defense, like when a turtle tucks into its shell because a locomotive is barreling down on it."
What does this mean?
Think about how Annette and Renee react to Steven. What is the difference?
Write one example of how Steven uses sarcasm in this chapter...
Chronological Order: means the order in which events occur...Put these events into correct order...
Steven tells his teachers his brother has cancer
Steven is called down to the office
Steven meets with his teachers
Steven talks with Mrs. Galley
Annette asks Steven if he got into trouble for skipping math class
In the novel, "Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie," Jordan Sonnenblick presents Jeffrey as the younger brother using a unique speech style.
effrey states in chapter 2, "But I'm cold. I need moatmeal to warm up my parts." (p. 15
) Jeffrey's mispronunciation and use of the word "parts" instead of stomach, or head suggest that he is a younger aged boy.
Story line:
Working in pairs, you will create 2 pictures of the most important events of 1 chapter. Your picture must include:
a picture of one scene from the chapter of vital importance
a quote from the book that best sums up the scene
A written explanation of why the quote best sums up the scene
What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and what was the outcome?
I have faced a great many challenges in my life, but as an adolescent, I believe that my greatest challenge was dealing with my parents divorce. Unfortunately, it is one of my most vivid memories. My father and I used to take ritual , mid-night roller blade strolls from our house to Osage Park. It was awesome because there was usually no one on the roads at that time so you felt like you had the whole town to yourself. When we came to a stop at Osage Park I remember laying in the grass next to my father and he told me the heart crushing news. I don't ever remember crying that much in my life. It seemed like the world would never be the same. And that was true...the world was different and had changed. But change is not always bad. I came to realize that my parents were better off separated and that life with the both of them was better. It took time to overcome that challenge. Time and an open mind...so now when I face challenges, I don't panic in that moment. I simply just look at it and say what can be learned and with time this too shall pass.
XSkills Test: Final Review

1. If we ________________, I know we can win the game.

2. Someday Hector wants to work for an _____________ that helps protect endangered animals.

3. Playing in a professional orchestra is something Tricia hopes to _________________ in her lifetime.

4. I was relieved when I reached the ______ and didn't have to pedal my bike anymore.

5. If I ever make a lot of money, I will _______ an organization that protects the environment.

6. Colin's _________ for his future is to graduate from a good college.

7. Amira met the _____________ of learning Spanish by practicing every day.

8. I _____________ part of every weekend to playing computer games.
1. In my family, you get in trouble if you don't show _________________ for your elders.

2. Mina thinks her brothers ___________ to annoy her on purpose.

3. ______________ can be ugly and damaging, but I think some of it is art.

4. My parents are _______________ about completing homework on time.

5. My grandmother wears a bracelet with an _______________ on it.

6. My friend Malik will _________________ anyone who is being treated badly.

7. After I was in the house all day doing chores, going outside felt like __________________________.

8. I live in a big city, but my block is a ________________ where everyone knows one another.

1. Zoe will _____________ Max on how to use the zoom feature on the camera.

2. How that Olga's parents have jobs, she hopes her family will no longer live in ______________________.

3. I am ___________________ because I'm not sure I can finish my research paper on time.

4. Many students are _________________ about having homework over time.

5. An ____________________ coach convinced the principal to buy new sports equipment.

6. We skipped lunch, and by dinnertime we were _____________________.

7. If I ever have great ______________, I will use some of the money to help others.

8. After working in the community garden all summer, I look forward to the ____________________.
rain forest

1. Many teenagers joined the _________________________ against global warming.

2. My friends and I share the same ______ about friendship and helping others.

3. The solar powered green homes were built with _______________________ in mind.

4. In the ___________________, you can see monkeys in the trees right above your head.

5. Teens can help solve the problem of _________________ by tutoring people who cannot read.

6. The suburb used to be a _____________ for cows and sheep.

7. Under the ___________________ of Coach Lopez, the girls' basketball team made the play-offs.

8. A strong sense of ___________________ helps our team win many games.
XSkills Test: Final Review (pg 314/315)
Fact vs Opinion
Author's Perspective
Multiple Meaning Words

Writing Prompt:

Think of something that you feel needs to be done to help people in your state, town or community. Write an essay to convince other people to support your idea. Be sure to give good reasons for your opinion or point of view and what you think should be done.
Include the elements of an essay you have learned in class.
Use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in your writing.
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