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pandemic prezi

research our pandemics

damian kettunen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of pandemic prezi

Pandemics Describe a pandemic. Pandemics are a world wide outbreak
of an infectious disease. Pandemics can
also affect many people by there loved ones
not knowing what is wrong and by them
watching them go through a large amount of pain
because of the sickness and then possibly die.
(it depends on the disease whether they die or not)
Pandemic diseases are often passed on by human contact
with an infected person or animal/insect,
by touching something they touched, or by getting coughed/ sneezed on by the infected. What can cause pandemics? Hello fellow students. My name is Damian and I'm here
to talk to you about pandemics. The 6 questions I will be answering in this presentation are, describe a pandemic, what causes pandemics, what is the amount of destruction a pandemic can cause, how can you prevent pandemics from spreading/reproducing,what are some specific pandemics, and what are some of the top 3 biggest pandemics. Pandemics are caused by organisms.
There are four main types of organisms
that can make you sick. They are bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
Bacteria pandemics can be cholera, tuberculosis, and typhoid. Virus pandemics can be AIDS, chicken pox, influenza, and measles. Parasite pandemics can be malaria and seeping sickness. Fungal diseases don't lead to pandemics. what is the amount of destruction pandemics can cause Pandemics can cause lots of damage to the world but not in the way you would think. Pandemics can silently infect and eventually kill off a lot of people before we start to notice. The amount of damage a pandemic can cause is
devastating, because they can affect thousands, by
making their loved ones suffer, by watching them
go through a ton of horrible pain, and not knowing
what is wrong with them, and without them knowing
the infected has a high chance of dieing(it depends on which disease the pandemic is whether he dies or not).
Pandemics can cause a lot of destruction but not in the way you would think a normal natural disaster would cause, because pandemics only harm humans because it is a disease and sicknesses can't destroy buildings. Pandemics are extremely dangerous because they spread and kill rapidly and I don't know if its happened but I think multiple pandemics can happen at once. How can you prevent pandemics? Pandemics are hard to avoid and prevent because most of them are almost invisible and hard to spot but if you can catch word of one before it hits you there are a few ways of preventing them. The main way of stopping or preventing pandemics is to make a vaccine to it so people that have the disease can be cured of it and the ones that aren't infected can be protected from the disease. Also the government could start handing out water bottles instead of the infected water or handing out masks so you cant get
infected by someone coughing/sneezing on you. The uninfected countries can also close there borders, airports, and shipyards. The last way to prevent pandemics is to start exterminating rodents and insects because they might
be carrying the pandemic virus. What are some specific pandemics? There have been quite a few pandemics in the last 1-2 thousand years ,and a few of them were really strong, and I'm going to tell you about three of the really devastating ones in order of how destructive they were. Number three on my list is Influenza(swine flu/spanish flu). Influenza has killed any where from 20 - 100 million people which is 2.5-5.0% of the worlds population. The main reason Influenza has killed that many people because when the infected starts feeling the symptoms of Influenza they think it is just a common cold but then when they go to sleep that night they have know idea that a few hours after they wake up they will go back to sleep again but forever this time. The next one on my list is Black Death(black plague). Black Death was named Black Death because one of its three ways of killing you is the Septicemic plague which is a form of blood poisoning that rots your skin and turns it all black. One of Black Deaths two other ways of killing you are Pneumonic plague ,which infects the lungs and the victim dies of suffocation or drowning. The other way of killing you is Bubonic plague which causes the victim to get these buboes ,that ooze blood, puss and turns those spots black as the skin decays, on there necks, armpits, and groin. Finally the last one on my list is Malaria. Malaria starts when a mosquito bites you and gives you a nasty parasite ,called Plasmodium, that multiplies in the liver and spreads out and starts attacking the healthy red blood cells and if malaria is left untreated then it can kill the victim in two weeks. Thank you for listening to my presentation and I hope you enjoyed learning all about pandemics.
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