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Wishes, wishes, wishes

Making wishes about the present, past and future. Feel free to make suggestion to improve it. Thanks!!

sandra linares

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of Wishes, wishes, wishes

W I S H WHEN DO WE MAKE A WISH? Don't you wish you were somewhere else now?

Don't you wish you had had more time to sleep this morning?

Don't you wish people would stop bothering you in the future?

For a wish about the PRESENT TIME, the verb after wish is in the Past Simple tense, just like Conditional 2. Remember? If I were you..... (but I'm not you!)
If I knew how to sing well.... (but I don't!)
If they ran faster..... (but they don't!) I wish I Knew the answer to the question.

He wishes he didn't have asthma.

They wish they could afford a car.

She wishes her friends were coming.

I wish it weren't raining.

She wishes she were on holidays.

I wish I were stronger

Real situation: I don't know the answer.

Real situation: He has asthma.

For a wish about the PAST TIME, the verb after wish is in the Past Perfect tense, just like Conditional 3. Remember? If I had seen the movie.... (but I DIDN 'T see it!)
If she had studied more.... (but she didn't)
If he hadn't been so rude.... (but he was) Actually, we show REGRET!

(We are sorry it wasn't different) We wish we had gone to a cheaper restaurant last night.

I wish I hadn't lost the money.

He wishes he had worked harder.

She wishes she had travelled more.

They wish there had been funnier people at the party-

He wishes he hadn't smoked so much when he was younger.
Real situation: we went to an expensive restaurant! Real situation: I lost the money! For a wish about the FUTURE TIME,

we use Would after wish. When we want a situation to be different from what it is! ME TOO!! We are only human.... We use ".......wish.......would" when:

we want something to happen or to change.
we want somebody to do something. Remember? NO, this has nothing to do with conditional sentences !! The speaker is COMPLAINING
about the present situation. I want you to stop that noise. Sometimes life has a funny way
of granting us wishes... Let's see what these people are wishing. I wish you would stop that noise.

I wish it would stop raining.

I wish they wouldn't talk so loudly.

I wish that country would stop killing whales.

Dan's wife wishes he would drive more slowly.

John's mother wishes he would wear nicer clothes. I want the rain to stop. See the irony?
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