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Internet of People Vision

No description

Luis Molina

on 16 January 2017

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Transcript of Internet of People Vision

Internet of People: A Set of P2P Networks
Profile Network: Geolocalized Profile Seeding
Proximity Network
Proximity Network Use Case: Unrelated people can find each other, and later connect and talk.
From Apps to People
IoP Use Case
Standarized App Services leads to Interoperability
IoP Explorer
Reputation Network Use Case
IoP Explorer Medical Emergency Mode Use Case
IoP Explorer Augmented Reality Events Use Case
Some IoP networks are geo-localized. Their operators define a location and therefore they offer their services on the free market to end users-agents in the proximity of those locations. Having geo-localized nodes helps apps deals with local regulations, and it improves security and privacy, since local business don't need their information to flow through foreign countries.
Very similar to the way mobile phones switch from one cell tower to another while the phone moves across a city, some apps switch from one proximity node to the other to be allways available for the people nearby.
This lady discovers the man using the IoP explorer. By trying to connect with him she downloads on the fly the sailing app he uses. Note the fact that in present time it would have been impossible for her to guess which app he uses or even if she new, to find him within the private network operated by that app.

In the future apps and their private networks will be secondary. People will be the focus.
People is always connected to their Profile Server. That fact enables other people to find them online, and to connect with them. Apps choose a Profile Server not far from end users average location. That allows people to find each other just knowing in which city or town they live.
Some apps are allways connected to the closest proximity node.
People will be able to find people where they need it and when they need it, even in situations today seen as impossible.
Application Services is the concept that enables interoperability of the same type of apps over the Internet of People. Once a standard is in place then different implementations can interact with each other. In this example, someone using a chat app very similar to Viber, is group chatting with others using chat apps very similar to whatsapp and messanger.

Today big network operators don't have an incentive to interoperate, because their value is proportional to the size of their private network. Once the network becomes a public good, interoperability will flourish.
Today almost every entrepreneur building a new app starts with a user base of zero. After pumping a lot of marketing dollars, they start building a user base inside a private network of users of that app.

In the future, entrepreneurs will build on top of a shared user base. They can effortlessly reach millions of users right after they finish coding.

For example: let's say you develop an IoP passenger taxi app. Immediately after deployed this app can offer rides using any of the millions of taxi drivers that previous entrepreneurs brought to the IoP network.
Augmented reality based, ready to find anyone in real life.

In the future, pointing to other people in any situation should allow you to know who they are and the information they share in the network.

In this example this young man in a second can identify the occupants of the nearby car and place a quick call to the girls to ask them where they are going to hangout tonight.
IoP Explorer
Several technologies combined can allow you in the near future to identify people anywhere and as in this case, start a conversation with some previous knowledge.

Names, professions, hobbies are things that common people wouldn't mind to share. The IoP Explorer can take you farther than that and allow you to see more details and even reputation information.
Every type of app has a shared user base
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