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Copy of Endangered Species

SLEM 601 ASSESSMENT 3: Online resource

Ms. Hultgren

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Endangered Species

Endangered Species
Learning Objectives
Know how to formulate an opinion relating to the world’s wildlife situation using evidence to support it.
Explain why certain species of animals face extinction and what makes them a target.
Develop understanding of different narrative structures and how they are used to provide information.
Know how to differentiate various homophones and formulate a well-structured opinion paragraph.

Watch the Video below

Start Investigating!


Here are Other Examples Of Endangered Species
Breakdown of Topic
To use new and previous knowledge to better understand the concept of endangered species and practice forming an opinion using evidence to support it.
What is an endangered Specie?
Endangered Species are animals or plants that are in danger of becoming extinct.
E.G. Orange Bellied Parrot, armored mist frog and white rhino
Extinct species are animals or plants that no longer exist in the world.
E.G. Dinosaurs, saber tooth tigers and mammoths

Threatened Species are those which are likely to become endangered in the near future.
E.G. Humpback whale, greater bilby and southern elephant seal
Turn And Talk To Your Neighbor...
How does an animal become endangered?

What are some major threats to endangered animals?

How can endangered animal be protected?

How is their food source related to their endangerment?

What are the three things you are most excited to learn more about from this unit?

Helpful Websites


(Blirk.net, n,d)
(Wikipedia, 2013)
(Gietler, 2013
(U.S Environmental Protection Agency, 2013)
(Skwirkonline, 2012).
(Fanpop, 2013)
Project Description
Any Questions?
You will be working with a partner on researching an endangered species during class.
You will both create a presentation that you will present to the class on your animal using information, video clips, and images for a news report on your chosen endangered specie.
What Does That Mean, Ms. Hultgren?
we will be:
watching videos of various animal species
examining different forms of written work relating to world wildlife
practicing speaking and formulating opinions about animals
visiting various web resources to access information and research
Creating a presentation about an endangered species.

We Will be presenting our presentations in class Week 50 (December 8-10).
You will receive your presentation rubric next Monday, Week 46. (First work day)
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