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Continental Drift

No description

Matthew Lane

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Continental Drift

Continental Drift
Alfred Wegener
Wegener was german meteorologist
Identical dinosaur fossils are found on multiple continents
Wegener's theory was initially rejected by other scientists
Seafloor Spreading
Hess proposed that hot, less dense magma in the Earth rose to the surface
He noticed the continents fit together sort of like a puzzle
Proposed the theory of continental drift
Continents move slowly overtime
Used to be in one landmass
Called Pagaea
Matching plant fossils are found on multiple continents, even Antarctica
Had evidence that continents used to be in different places
Tropical fossils had been found in the arctic and glacial evidence had been found in tropical areas
Rocks and land forms match up with on opposite sides of the Atlantic
He had evidence to support his theory
Couldn't explain why or how the continents moved
Eventually, new technologies provided the evidence to explain and prove Wegener's theory
Seafloor spreads and pushes apart as magma cooled into new rock
Discovered with magnetic data
Mid-ocean ridges explain how the continents separated
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