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Online Safety Under White Supremacy 4/14/17

This workshop will look at how racism and technology are connected, why online harassment is a systemic problem, and what concrete steps we can take to protect ourselves and others.

Julie Levin Russo

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of Online Safety Under White Supremacy 4/14/17

Online Safety
Evergreen Day of Presence 2017
gamers who are (perceived as) female or LGBTQ or PoC
fans of comics who are (perceived as) female or LGBTQ or PoC
YouTube: "feminine" media like personal vlogs, makeup tutorials, pop music performances
hashtag curators, other online content creators
people of color
who are "angry"/outspoken
with a big/visible online presence
"Black Twitter" and other public intellectuals
Black Lives Matter activists
indigenous activists
really any activists against white supremacy

who are "angry"/outspoken
who are highly visible (politicians, celebrities, journalists)
who have traditionally male professions (e.g. STEM)
who have tech professions (e.g. video game design)
really any who challenge patriarcy
gender non-conforming
non-normative sexualities
Transgender or genderqueer people

shaming people for being "overweight" or "ugly"

survivors of intimate partner violence who speak out

male allies
Reporting harassment to platforms
Ad-hoc communities of support
Screenshotting harassment
Publicize harassment for social justice
Less public exposure online
Harassing the harassers
Advocacy (e.g. recommendations to platforms)
organizations & resources
EFF Surveillance Self Defense
Center for Solutions to Online Violence
Tech Without Violence
@HoldYourBoundaries (tips)
Girls Who Code
Tech Lady Mafia
Hollaback! & HeartMob
Take Back the Tech
WAM! (Women Action & Media)
End Online Misogyny
Cyber Safety for Girls
NNEDV (online stalking experts)

companies, institutions
administrators and moderators
those who... defend publicly (e.g. comment threads)
...support behind the scenes
...use support tools
bystanders who don't take action
bystanders who participate in the hate
who are the bystanders?
their strategies
reporting trolls/harassment
advocacy with corporations
Facebook campaigns
resource guides
online harassment task force
online harassment data (developed by RAD)
male-dominated online communities
most notoriously 4chan (/b and /pol)
reddit, gamer sites, etc.
PUA (pick up artists), MRA (men's rights activitsts)
real life abusers
abusers' friends/community
Tea Party
anti-choice fundametalists
"bully" activists
White Supremacists (alt-right), Neo-Nazis
TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists)
Julie Levin Russo (Prezi adapted from Rebecca Ponce de Leon)
introductions (10 min.)
lecture/presentation (20 min.)
discussion/brainstorm (30 min.)
smartphone activity (20 min.)
closing presentation (10 min.)
better understand the issue of online harassment and safety
increase awareness of its connection to our daily practices
learn strategies to respond as potential targets and allies
What have you heard about online safety?
What are the connections between social media and white supremacy?
What role do you think cyberculture had in the 2016 election?
Do you have experiences with online harassment that you would share?
Your questions....
blocking harassers
reporting harassers
harassing for good (use with caution)
read terms and policies of sites/platforms
change your privacy settings! no defaults
consider power relations with social media companies - "no free lunch"
resist simplifying discourse, encourage complex ideas and critical thinking, mindful communication
exiting rather than escalating is OK too
take a break from being online
community response: "white nonsense brigade"
Threat Modeling

Privacy Policy

Privacy Settings

Discuss difficulties/issues/questions
What is Pepe?
short link to presentation: https://tinyurl.com/DoPpwn
PWNing Pepe:
Under White Supremacy
common targets
"social justice warriors"
what are YOU concerned about?
http://ihollaback.org/ & http://iheartmob.org/
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