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Red Bull

No description

Clayton Billion

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Bull

8,966 employees in 165 countries
5.2 billion cans sold worldwide
Users no longer limited to young people
Best sales, revenues, productivity & operating
profit recorded in company's history
Growing markets: Brazil, Japan, India, South Korea
Operating cash flow will finance growth and
investments History & Background Founded by Dietrich Mateschitz in
Austria, mid-1980s
Created formula after stumbling upon a Thai energy drink, Krating Daeng
Developed unique marketing strategy
Product was first launched in Austria on April 1, 1987
Signified birth of a new type of
Now in 165+ countries Strategy Analysis Focused Differentiation Strategy Red Bull's Mission Statement "We are dedicated to uphold the Red Bull standard, while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category while delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient & profitable manner. We create a culture where employees share best practices dedicated to coaching & developing our organizations as an employer of choice." Red Bull's Vision Statement "To be the premier marketer & supplier of energy drinks to Asia, Europe, & other parts of the globe in the years to come." SWOT Analysis Entrance/Position in the Market
Unique Marketing
Brand Loyalty
Rapid Growing Environment SWOT Analysis Dependent on the Economy
High Price
Recipe Patent SWOT Analysis Target Market Expansione
Product Extensions, Energy Shots, Flavored Drinks, Vitamin Beverages, etc.
Advertising & Sponsorships SWOT Analysis Loyal Consumers to Other Brands
Growing Number of Competitors
FDA & Physician Resistance
Health Threats Threats Opportunities Weaknesses Strengths Strategy Analysis Marketing Strategy Recommendations Improve diversification Recommendations Healthier Ingredients Red Bull Gives You Wings! Higher price, small can, why buy?
"It Gives You Wings."
Focused market segment-sports & fitness "Buzz" Marketing
Intense distribution-mobile marketing
Student Ambassador Program
Wings Team More potential flavors
Energy bars or snacks
More intensive market research What's in a Red Bull?
Competition with health conscious brands
Misconception of "energy drinks" History & Background 2012
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