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The Veldt

No description

Michaela Blosser

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Veldt

The Veldt Literary Elements Plot Protagonists and Antagonists Rising Action: The family moves into a smart house, where they can imagine whatever they want. The children quickly catch on to this and decide to make their nursery a african wild land.
Climax: George lets the kids spend time in the nursery before they leave the home.
Falling Action: The parents hear the screams of their children coming from the nursery. The parents rush to the nursery. They don't find the children, but they do find out that the lions have become real when the lions approach them.
Resolution: The parents die due to the attack of the lions, which was set up by the children Protagonist
George Hadley: George is caring toward his children because he doesn't want the home to affect them in negative ways. He is also easy frustrated when the kids start to make the nursery whatever they want and also when the kids become distant and their attitudes change because of the home. George is stern because he easily punishes the kids when they think they can do whatever they want. He is also stern because he sticks to his decision of turning the home off. George is also very logical when it comes to solving problems because he punishes the children in the easiest way he knows by turning the home off. Antagonist(s)
Wendy and Peter: The children are very wandering, free-spirited, and creative when it comes to the home and the nursery. Since they are able to imagine the nursery as whatever they want, they sometimes choose the theme of the nursery based on their feeling and attitudes at the time. Wendy and Peter are also self-centered because when George decides to turn the home off and leave, they only think about how this decision will affect them. Mood Beginning: The mood of the beginning is thrilling and exciting. When the family moves in the "smart house", it is an exciting beginning to the family. This house allows the family to imagine it as whatever they want which adds thrill to the story.
End: The Mood of the ending is dreadful and upsetting, but also kind of surprising. The family chose to leave home and the kids begin to hate their parents, and that is upsetting. The kids decide to let the lions lose to kill their parents. It is depressing and surprising when the parents are killed. Ray Bradbury 2 Literary Elements Allusion: This story refers to "Peter Pan" in a way, which is an allusion. "Peter Pan" and "The Veldt" are similar because both take place in imaginary worlds.
Foreshadowing: This element is shown because the kids feed their parents personal belongings to the lions to make it seem like they "ate" their parents. Identifiers of theme Backgroud Info. Born on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois.
Had two older brothers
While in high schoool he was involved in Poetry Club and Drama club.
Attended high school during the depression.
Ruled ineligible for military service because of his vision problems. Decided he wanted to be a writer by the age of 12 and started writing horror stories.
Edgar Allen Poe was his biggest influence
Attempted to write stories like Poe at 18 years old.
His first professional piece "Pendelum" was writen in 1941, a month before the U.S. entered WWII. Writing History Family Life Got married in 1941 to Marguerite "Maggie" McClure.
Had four daughters Susan, Ramona, Bettina, & Alexandria.
Maggie passed away in 2003 due to lung cancer.
Had 8 grandchildren. Awards and Acheivements Short stories have been included in over 1,000 High School curriculums.
Received National Medal of Arts in 2004
Has a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.
An Astroid is named in his honor "9766Bradbury"
The apollo astronaut named a crater "Dandelion Crater" after his novel, "Dandelion Wine."
Received World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Acheivement
Grand Master Awardfrom Science Fiction Writers of America
Emmy Award for his work as a writer on "The Halloween Tree" "I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it..." By: Savannah, Michaela, and Hunter :) The theme of the story is to not let technology rule or control your life. The family lets the house control them because the house allows the family to be lazy and do nothing. The kids can imagine the room as whatever they want and they allow the room to take over their family by letting the lions, which are controlled by the room and the home, kill their parents. This song is by Deadmau5 (deadmouse). It was inspired by our story "The Veldt." This song is a techno beat with very little words, but the video explains the plot of our story. We chose this song to show our story through visual aid. We like this song because we like the beat and we thought it was neat to explain the story through video and pictures. The Family purchases a home that allows them to be lazy and creative. Little do they know that this house will harm the family and lead to death.
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