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Tlingit Tribe

No description

Mary Gill

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Tlingit Tribe

Food & Location
Since the Tlingit were close to the ocean they ate fish.Before eating they got the oil and when ever the ate they dipped there food in the fish oil.They got seal, whales, salmon, moose, elk, and beavers.
Shelter & Climate
The Tlingit's shelter is different from many Native American indians home. There houses were made with planks and roofs were made of ceder wood bark.They had no windows and floors were made out of boards,they had oval doors and houses were big enough for 50 people.
The Northwest
Clothing & Questions
The Tlingit's clothing is different from other indians clothing.The men wore wooden hats made of ceder bark and moccasins, women wore dear skirts.When it got cold they wore dear skin breach coats.
The Tlingit believed in him so they carved a totem in his honor.
This picture shows a Tlingit house.
This is a salmon the Tlingit eat and they add some foods with the fish oil.
This is an example of the Tlingit's clothing, it is the breach coat.
The Tlingit Tribe
Today we will go back in time to the past and meet a certain tribe called the Tlingit.We will explore their religions, shelter, food, & many more topics. The Indian tribe will make you learn many things you never understood and will help you understand them.
This is the part in the prezi were we will answer some questions, one question is what type of forest did they go to hunt? The Tlingit had many dense forest which had many deer and elk.How are the clothes different from other indians? The clothing is different from the coats, hats and the skirts.Why do they use fish oil?The fish oil is used as a spice for the food.
The northwest climate was very wet for the rain. The summers were cool and winters were extremely cold. Since the Tlingit were close to what is now known Canada they had plenty of cold.
The Tlingit lived northern of California to the border of Canada. They also lived in the Northwest coast.
Religion & Interesting facts
The Tlingit tribe believed in a hero named "Raven". They say he created the world and got back the sun, moon, and stars.He had to act like there friend and then steal it.On his way to freeing the water, smoke spirits took hold of him and changed him from white to blackish.
The Tlingit believed in him and in his honor they made him a totem.
Interesting Facts
The Tlingit used there supplies wisely and used shells and ivory to cut wood into totem poles, like many Indians will not think of this.
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