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Sales and Marketing

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Transcript of Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing
Working in partnership with Mercedes-Benz UK
Acquiring new customers
• How much will my Mercedes-Benz cost me per month?
• Making Mercedes-Benz aspirational but obtainable
• Communicating offers in a way that treats customers fairly
• Significant marketing in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz
• Activities include TV, direct mail, web, email and social media
• Over 1000 new car, used car, commercial vehicle campaigns
per annum
Keeping our existing customers
customer behaviour
• Developing projects and launching key activities
• Keeping the network updated with the latest news, changes in
regulation and the impact on them
• Communicating through different media, including Network News,
launch brochures and online
• Measuring the effectiveness of our communications
• Measuring Retailer and customer perception of our performance
• Managing cross business projects that impact our business,
our customers and the network

the network
• National team of 11 Finance Operations Managers
• Working in partnership with Retailers
• Focusing on retaining existing customers
• Helping the network finance and sell more vehicles
• Making it easy for the network to do business with MBFS
• Answering and resolving campaign queries

Learning & Development
• Tailored business solutions - supporting PC, CV, Retail, Corporate
• Learning & Development Specialists who work with the Network to
identify requirements
• Solutions designed to maximise profit, customer satisfaction,
customer retention and develop potential
• Over 1,000 delegates days delivered in 2014
• Over 85% of our Learning & Development is delivered regionally
on site
• Building customer loyalty
• The right communications at the right time
• Keeping in touch with customers throughout their journey
• Making improvements to enhance the customer experience
• Maintaining excitement and interest in Mercedes-Benz
• Measuring how our customers feel about us
• Managing our data and predicting customer behaviour

• Undertaking market research to understand customer thinking
• Using data to develop effective offers
• Measuring retailer performance

• Identifying when customers are most likely to change their Mercedes-Benz
• Monitoring the performance of our campaigns and customer retention
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