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Beginner's Day

K Parent Meeting

Raymond Giovanelli

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Beginner's Day

The Road To Kindergarten
Assistant Principal- Mr. Scott Otolski
Secretaries- Helen Allen, Nikki Norris and Terri Reid
Literacy- Ms. Erin Lyons
Math/Science- Mrs. Jill Thompson School Mission We exist to enrich every student’s individual strengths by providing a challenging and nurturing environment where we instill passion for learning, the freedom to create and discover; along with the skills and emotional character to become:

critical thinkers, problem solvers, life-long learners, leaders and contributors to society, caring and compassionate people, advocates for the community and seekers of justice WHAT WILL YOU SEE

ACADEMICS A family environment that is inviting to all
A well rounded academic program emphasizing academics and the arts
Strong emphasis on the core subjects, as well as, differentiated instruction to meet all academic levels
The teaching of self-discipline and strong study habits through Character Education
Math- Staff will use the Investigations Series, teacher generated materials, and manipulatives to engage and build concept understanding
Literacy- Staff will use not only the Imagine-It literacy series, but also will use outside literacy materials to enhance and extend connections
Integration of higher-level critical thinking skills starting in early grades (problem solving) A safe and orderly environment, quality homework and solid preparation for middle school
Full time music, media, physical education, art and technology staff that works with all grade levels
Instruction that helps meet the needs of all students (support and enrichment)
Teaching "healthy living" strategies
A focus on citizenship and character building- "filling buckets"~!
An expectation of parent involvement and support-a team approach A WELL-ROUNDED SCHOOL PROGRAM WHAT WILL YOU SEE
AT JV WASHAM? Intervention and extension programs through, classroom differentiation (workshop), Accelerated Reader, Talent Development (2nd-5th), tutoring, strategic support and various clubs (4th and 5th grade)
Strong parent/school communication through phone calls, notes, email, staff web pages, weekly reports, conferences, newsletters, the Hawkeye, report cards, the school website, YouTube Principal Chats and news through WHAT WILL YOU SEE
AT JV WASHAM? A warm and energy-filled school that is 6 years old- but looks brand new!
A highly qualified and caring staff, with varying years of experience, and a verocity to continue learning as professionals. High expectations for character, social behavior and academics
A use of technology, innovation and media to engage students (Smart Boards in 29 classes) + the use of technology to "create" by students
A school population that will be approximately 1,100 students but made to feel much smaller through communication standards and caring staff members WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE PTO? JV Washam has a strong PTO organization that is dedicated to continued school improvement, a warm and caring family environment, constant support of teachers and students, and creating an inviting organization that embraces diversity in thoughts
The PTO purchases technology, playground equipment and provides teacher support to better meet our student needs! WILL MY CHILD BE CHALLENGED AND GET THE SUPPORT THEY NEED AT JV WASHAM? The JV Washam staff will work with students through our Talent Development program (2nd-5th grades) , differentiation during class time (workshop), individualized help, pull-out support, and parent tutors ("Washam Buddies") to not only extend knowledge, but to also help those that may be struggling academically What I can do to help my child’s transition? Have students prepared to use the bathroom independently- includes fastening their own clothing
Work this summer on having children write their name with only 1 capital letter and the rest lowercase letters
Build their confidence by helping them to feel comfortable in expressing their needs to adults (other than their parents)
Practice cutting and holding scissors correctly (thumbs up)
Build independence (zipping coat, opening food containers or juice boxes, cleaning up after themselves) while at home or in day care this summer.
Make sure that children know how they are to get home each day and please send communication to teachers each time there is a change in transportation (in advance). This is paramount to changes happening and students being safe. OTHER KEY INFO ABOUT JV WASHAM Our school day goes from 7:45-2:45
We have approximately 1,100 students
25% of our staff are Nationally Board Certified teachers, 36% of staff members have advanced degrees and our average teacher experience is 10 years.
JV Washam has no before school program but students can arrive at 7:05 each day.
JV Washam offers an after school program (register on CMS webpage)
Join us on to get up to date information throughout the year about what is going on at JV Washam! Changing Stops In order to change a bus stop or request a new one, you must go to the CMS website and complete the Alternate Stop, Unsafe Stop, or Change in Request form. These are then submitted electronically. The site is www.cms.k12.nc.us Look for the transportation link at the bottom of the site. Depending on the time of year, this could take several days to two weeks to be approved before they can actually be assigned to the bus and begin riding. Once you have submitted the change of information, please contact the school in about 3 days to verify if it has been approved. What if I need my child to ride to a daycare center that is being served via a CMS bus? If you have registered your child at a daycare service that CMS provides transportation to, you will need to go online at the CMS website and request that stop in the section titled Alternate Stop. Your child’s daycare service cannot do this for you. This only applies to daycare services that CMS provides bus transportation for, not daycare vans. Failure to request the daycare stop will mandate that the driver take your child to the assigned home stop. The sooner this is completed, the sooner your child will be able to ride the bus to that daycare. How do I register for bus transportation? Once you register your child at the school for kindergarten, they are automatically loaded into the transportation data base and assigned a stop based on your home address. These stops are consolidated stops and will not be at your home address. The sooner you register your child at the school, the sooner your stop will be assigned. Those who register in August may not receive a stop until a week into school. What if I need to change my transportation for a period of time, such as to a car rider? A written note must be sent into the child’s teacher explaining the change in transportation. This will be signed off by an administrator. Please try to do this in advance of the day you need to do it. Can my child be left at the bus stop without an adult present to meet them? Unless the child is 4 years old and in the pre-k program, they will be dropped off at their assigned stop with or without an adult being present. Please allow 5-10 minutes on each side of the scheduled bus pick up and drop off times, especially at the beginning of the year. How can I be sure that my child will get to their assigned bus in the afternoon? All buses are assigned a specific slot on the schools bus lot. Each classroom teacher will lead their class out to the lot and drop each child off at their assigned bus to ensure their safety. WHEN YOU ADD IT ALL UP, YOU CAN SEE THAT JV WASHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IS A GREAT PLACE TO START YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY. WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOU ADDING TO OUR WONDERFUL TRADITION. Who is the SLT?
Assistant Principal
Staff/Teacher Volunteers
Parent Volunteers Why does the SLT exist? Establish priorities and evaluate progress
Facilitate decision making
Communication link
Increase capacity in getting things done
Recommendations on development, instructional materials and staffing What does the SLT do? School Improvement Plan
Resources and support services
Academic priorities
Character development – ‘bucket filling’
Community partnerships SLT projects Security procedures
U.S. Map on bus lot
Washam Buddies
Healthy Eating campaign Washam Buddies FREE service intended to provide tutoring for students throughout the school (one on one or small groups)
Launched in October 2011
25 Washam Buddies
Students in K-5 supported GET INVOLVED! If you want …….
To have input
Have awareness and be informed
Learn and get educated
Make a difference Interested? Please contact ….

Mr. Giovanelli raymond.giovanelli@cms.k12.nc.us
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