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The Negative Side Effects of Sexually Empowered Women in Media

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Christina Belge

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Negative Side Effects of Sexually Empowered Women in Media

The Negative Effects of Sexually Empowered Women in Media CONTEMPORARY URBAN MUSIC:
Controversial Messages In
Hip-Hop and Rap Lyrics Not only are women becoming insecure about their bodies because of these agentic sexual roles but insecure about their own sexuality. Women constantly comparing their sexual desirability against other women.
Research shows that viewing sexually objectifying depictions of women in the media is positively related to youngwomen’s likely participation in self-sexualizing behaviors and their acceptance of such behaviors in other women. Insecurity By Krohn and Suazo Female Empowerment and Sex in the Media My Thesis: Representations of empowered sexual
women have negative effects such as body image issues, objectification of men, and insecurity from lack of sexual experience or appeal. Body Issues Correlational studies consistently demonstrate a positive relationship between exposure to appearance-focused media and body dissatisfaction(e.g., Harrison, 2001; Tiggemann & Pickering, 1996).

There is also some evidence that exposure to these images has a direct impact on women’s food restriction (e.g., Krahe´ & Krause, 2010; Mills, Polivy,Herman, & Tiggemann, 2002). Objectification of Men Sometimes they objectify men... The show starts off
them just talking about sex and objectifying men.
-Tracy Scott, Emory University on Sex and the City Thesis: Rap music demeans women and promotes drug use and violence as a way to achieve empowerment through
symbolic verbal action. The negative implications of rap music have become as popular as the music itself. It has attacked racism through more racism, lack of power through
supremacy and perhaps poverty through the sales of racist
and misogynist material to those willing to be entertained
and influenced in their desire for information about ghetto
culture — those who take the easy stand of observing rather
than participating. Ultra-thin Models Images of artificial and sexualized female beauty are implicated in Objectification Theory as causing women to internalize an observer’s perspective about themselves and their appearance. Empowerment presented is unrealistic Post feminist constructions
-vengeful woman
-hot lesbian This is on top of men's own self-objectification and pressures to be muscular and constantly sexually alert. Discussion Questions 1.What are some positive aspects of sexually empowered women in media?
2. How do we break the cycle of abstracting that we are lesser then other women? Are Contemporary Media Images Which Seem to Display Women as Sexually Empowered ActuallyHarmful to Women?

Emma Halliwell, Helen Malson, and Irmgard Tischner
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