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Athur Miller

No description

Addie Martinez

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Athur Miller

Arthur Miller Biography of 10/17/1995- 2/10/2005 Born October 17, 1915 in New York
Father was from Austria-Hungary The second of three children of Isidore and Augusta Miller, Polish-Jewish immigrants
His father owned a women's clothing manufacturing business and giving 400 people job opportunities In the wall street crash of 1929, the family lost almost everything
They moved to Brooklyn As a teenager, Arthur delivered bread before school as a job
After graduating in 1932 from Abraham Lincoln high school, he worked several menial jobs to pay for his college tuition Started writing for Federal Theater
Won awards for play writing Academy Awards
Category-Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Produced or Published for THE CRUCIBLE (1996) BAFTA Awards
Award-BAFTA Film Award
Category-Best Screenplay for THE CRUCIBLE (1996) House Un-American Activities Committee Miller broke with Elia Kazan over his decision to give names of former members of the American Communist Party to the House of Un-American Activities Committee. Miller was himself blacklisted by Hollywood when he refused to testify in front of the HUAC. However, this did not stop his plays being performed on stage as Broadway refused to impose a blacklist. Arthur Miller has dedicated himself to the investigation of the moral plight of the white American class The Crucible, in which Miller likened the situation with the House Un-American Activities Committee As a result, a judge found Miller guilty of contempt of Congress in May 1957 He also is very concerned about the misuse of high sex drive in men Miller is a socialist, so you can expect class warfare in his plays These dramas of social conscience were drawn from life and informed by the Great Depression Miller exposed the flaws in the fabric of the American Dream in dramas of guilt and betrayal and redemption What famous actress did Arthur Miller married? The couple sneaked off to the Westchester County Court House in nearby White Plains Miller who was divorcing his wife, Mary came through in June and Marilyn joined him in New York they were married by judge Seymour Rabinowitz in a ceremony that lasted all of four minutes Some days later, Marilyn happened to come across Miller's notebook lying open on a table
Discovered that he was disappointed in her, feared that his own creativity would be threatened by this pitiable, dependent, unpredictable he had married and was seriously regretting the union The marriage would never recover
Things went steadily from bad to worse
Although Miller wrote the script of THE MISFITS for Marilyn The pair separated in 1960 and divorced the following year
The marriage lasted for five years What was the reason why Marilyn and Arthur split up? How did Miller's social conscience affect his work Describe the effects of the investigation on Miller's writing of THE CRUCIBLE
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