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No description

Fee Fi Fo Fund

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Fee-Fi-Fo-Fund

Community Resources
Profits and donations used
Portions of earnings sent to organizations
Portions also go toward running cafe
Our Mission
About Us:
Media Outreach
Plans For the Future
The company will continue to operate after graduation
Inter-state expansion through various colleges
Fundraising company
First year SEB company
Give back to organizations
Donate fundraiser proceeds
Appears on various sites
Uses social media to expand
Facebook - 10,294 potential viewers
Student body - 900+
Polaris Fundraising page
Nearly paperless
Only printed 10 flyers
Online Raffle
Online documentation
Online conferencing
Brennan Zapf - Chief Executive Officer
Clay Napier - Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Maurits - Lead Graphic Designer
Tommy Peacock - Fundraising Manager
Samuel Hickenlooper - Chief Financial Officer
Austin Cox - F4 Cafe Project Manager
Benjamin Geraci - Marketing Assistant
Fundraising company
Donate proceeds to various causes
Use social media
F4 cafe
Total Earnings: $374.50
Total Expenses: $215.48
Net Earnings: $159.02
F4 Cafe Project
What is Human Trafficking?
One of the fastest growing criminal industries
About 20.9 million people trafficked each year
Using school bookstore
Reach of over 900 students
Sell coffee to students
Spread our cause
Donate portions to organizations
Bookstore available
March - present
Launched Cafe Project
November - February
Regulated conditions
Any questions?
Taste of Ross Fundraiser
Just One More softball game
LAN Fundraiser
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