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Unit 1 Analysing Media Products and Audience Level 3

No description

Jamilla Torres

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 1 Analysing Media Products and Audience Level 3

The Amazing Spider-man

Directed by Marc Webb
Distributed by Sony/Columbia
Release date 3rd of July 2012

The Amazing Spider-man

Current CEO is Hajime Hirasawa
Columbia Pictures is subsidiary of Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures is a multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony.
Columbia Pictures was founded in 1918 by brothers Jack and Harry Cohn and Joe Brandt
1987 Coca Cola owned Columbia Pictures since 1982, but in 1989 Sony purchased all Coca Cola’s stake.

Ownership- P1

2014 Columbia pictures is bring the newest ‘The amazing Spider man 2’

2001 Spiderman has the highest grossing film in SPE history. And 1 billion mark in domestic gross

1991 Columbia pictures entertainment changes its name to Sony pictures entertainment.

1989 Coca cola Company sells Columbia pictures entertainment to Sony

2nd logo changed 1928-1935

Five years later tri star merged with Columbia pictures to form Columbia pictures entertainment

In 1982 Columbia pictures was bought by coca cola.

Released first film in August 1922

Columbia Pictures was founded in 1918 by brothers Jack and Harry Cohn and Joe Brandt


The Amazing Spider Man is made by Columbia pictures which is subsidiary of Sony, this means that The Amazing Spider man uses vertical integration because it doesn’t expand into other companies of making the film. Sony uses synergy to promote their media products, such as Sony laptops, camera and mobile phones. They use these products in the film they produced, for example in the James bond film he used guitar hero which was Sony’s latest games console.

Columbia Record Production

President of a Subsidiary

Columbia Japan Production

Sales & Marketing

Intellectual Property
Hiroshi Iida

Business Planning
Toshinori Abe

Jiro Saeki

Shinichi Yoshida

Shingo Ishiyama

Ben Fedar


Richard Shirrefs

Hiroshi Nonomiya

Hajime Hirasawa

Chairman of the Board
Management Structure

The Amazing Spider-Man, is successfully launched the franchise in grossing $752.2 million globally. Up next was MIB 3, which earned $624 worldwide. Other highlights included Hotel Transylvania ($312.6 million) and 21 Jump Street ($201.6 million).

Columbia tri star television owns TV shows such as, ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Columbia also produced cartoon shows such as ‘Jackie Chan’, and ‘Men in Black’.


Sony/Columbia pictures is a market leader. This means that it is a specialist provider and provides films. This institutions target varies of different age groups. Such as ‘That’s My Boy’ where the institutions target is 15+ . Where as for ‘The Smurfs’ their restriction is for all age groups. Sony/Columbia mostly produce films which are action films targeted for ages 15+.
The Sony/Columbia pictures has the highest grossing film is Spider-man, which has total gross of $403,706,375. Following to Spider-man 2 which has $373,585,825 of all time.

Market Position

The competitor above Sony is 20th Century Fox. 20th Century Fox is more successful because they have apparels, Clothing lines, they also produce TV shows and owns TV channels. 2 of 20th Century Fox’s film is in the top 10 films of 2013.
The competitor below Sony is Paramount. However, in 2013 domestic grosses of all movies, 2 of Paramount’s films are in the top ten, where for Sony’s film it hasn’t reached the top 10.Paramount films are also above 20th century fox in the top 10 gross films in 2013.
Paramount produces that are action and science fiction and fantasy.
20th century fox mostly produce animation, comedy films.



Adventure land
Rid of me
Sassy pants
Daydream Nation

Iron man
Man of Steel
Despicable me 2
Identity thief

Example of Niche and Mass Audience Films

An audience is individual or collective group of people who consume any media such as radio television, film, newspapers, magazines, websites and apps.

What is audience

Audience is needed, because it is the only way institutions make profit.
Helps decisions for producers to know what sort of information they are presenting to the audience.

Why is audience important

I think the target audience of this film is 13 above, because the language used is appropriate and the storyline is straightforward.
‘The plot might be predictable, but this fluid film has free-ranging fun with the physicality of what it feels like to be a spider, especially when tied to the emotions of a teenager.’
The actual target audience for this film is 12A

The majority of people I've asked said that they would watch Horror films, they also like Comedy films. This means that this audience which is in Group E in the demographic grouping are less likely to enjoy this film.

What type of Genre do you like?

60% said that they would not watch films that are based on comics. For this particular film some would not watch it because it is based on comics.
this is because they are not into comics and they wouldn’t watch it because its not exactly the same as the comic.

Do you like films that are based on comics? If so why? If not why?

They think the film is aimed at 12A, this means that they think that they think that action and violence and the language used is appropriate.

Who do you think the film is aimed at?

The narrative and characters are the features they enjoy in a film. The characters has to fit with the narrative. Characters and narrative support each other, if a certain character isn't in a film it would effect the storyline and the narrative. This means that the characters in a film are very important as it is them that demonstrates the narrative and the storyline of the film.

What features do you enjoy in a film?

The narrative and characters are the features they enjoy in a film. The characters has to fit with the narrative. Characters and narrative support each other, if a certain character isn't in a film it would effect the storyline and the narrative. This means that the characters in a film are very important as it is them that demonstrates the narrative and the storyline of the film.

What features do you enjoy in a film?

The majority have chosen they watch a film because they want to be relaxed. Furthermore they have also chosen escapism. This means that the target of the amazing Spider man is to create escapism by the use of effects and how it is an escape from reality.

Why do you watch a film?

They said that it is good film because there is a twist in the storyline line, but they are not the fan of the characters. This means that they still prefer the original because even though they put a twist from the original the do not like the fact that characters changed except Peter’s family. Other than that, they have changed Spider man's love interest. This has an impact to the audience as it suggests that if there is a remake of a film they should keep it as original as possible.

This film is a remake from Spider man, what are your thoughts on that?

Dr. Connors body language- Dr. Connors is kind of crouched indicating that he is powerless.
The proximity represents there relationship. In this shot, the guy in dark clothing indicates that he has more power. This because of his body language such as his posture and he is also looking down at Dr. Connors.
Long shot, this establishes the scene. This shot connotes that the location is quite isolated.
Low key lighting
Low key lighting indicates mystery, suspense, and hidden identity. The audience can only identify their body language as they can’t see their facial expression. The only light is the lighting that seems to be coming from the top.

Medium shot – to see their characters facial expression- love and passion
Proximity and Body language- represents their relationship together.
Eyes shut – indicates that the girl is hurt from what she sees. Also her body language also suggests so as she is using a cloth to wipe Spider man’s cuts.
Make up of the bruises indicates that Spider man is hurt suggesting that an action of violence has occurred, which allows the audience to identify the genre of the film.
They are at home – books could also indicate that they go to school.
Lighting- to highlight their faces, positions.

Medium shot – the audience is able to see his facial expression. Facial expression looks as though he is shocked. And what he’ seeing is unordinary.
Identifies the genre which is fantasy, by the use of the effects. Also the bright lighting makes the audience focus on his hand. The bright lighting is used to see the imperfections of the object. So this indicates that the guy in shot has imperfections as a character.

LO 3-How media products are Distributed and Promoted.- P4

What is Advertising?- Advertising is a type of promotion that is delivered through a type of media. Advertising can reach large number of people. This is used to persuade the target audiences consume their products, it is also a way businesses are able to inform their current consumers what their new products are. Advertising helps spread awareness of their product to reach potential consumers.
What is Distribution?- Distribution provides how products are delivered to the consumers. It is to spread to a larger mass audience, and could reach potential customers. Linked with vertical integration.

How does The Amazing Spider man do these things?- The amazing spider man is a remake from blockbuster films Spider man 1, 2, and 3. This means that people already know about Spider man. They advertised it using the game version of he film and posters on bus stops and also showing trailer on television or at cinema. Word of mouth is also used because Spider man is very popular especially for kids. This film is also based on comics so therefore distributors and advertisers know who their target are.

Advertising and Distribution

Ways in which a film can be distributed
Producers give their product to the distributors, the distributors are then responsible distribute the products to their customers. Without a distributor no products will get to the customers. Distributors produce copies of the products then given to the consumers.
List the ways in which a film can be advertised/ promoted
Online adverts- internet release
TV adverts, Cinema Trailer, Posters
Word of mouth
Having these types of advertising can help reach a large amount of customers and potential ones.

Developed by Beenox, the game was released after the film is released .

The main viral marketing site was exposed in the second trailer in February 2012. Twitter accounts for the marketing campaign was sent out five locations in each city in major US cities.

Media Convergence
The amazing Spider man app releases a video about the film on each level that has been unlocked. This game was released before the film is released to keep the audience excited and thrilled. It is designed by a Game loft.

What different platforms and media might be used to advertise a product?
Social media platforms such as Facebook,
TV Adverts
Game release
Fan base
Radio- promoted through film-themed commercials and radio ads featuring Stan Lee


The Amazing Spider man is vertically integrated.
The Amazing Spider man film is promoted in various ways such as: Skippy Natural peanut butter advertise to win free $4 off blue ray disc. Spider man T-shirts advertised a stand up to cancer campaign. OPI Products released a collection of The Amazing Spider-Man nail polish.

How your products goes from being made to reaching the consumer
The Amazing Spider man was released 3 July 2012 (UK and US) it was released by Columbia Pictures
Sony Entertainment built a promotional website, released three trailers and launched a marketing campaign, among other moves.
The film was advertised through TV, magazines, online etc…
The film premiered on June 30 in Tokyo
The film was released in the US and UK on July 3 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D and released in home media in November 2012.
The film was also a massive box office success, grossing over $752 million worldwide being the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2012.
Production budget $230,000,000


LO 4- Understanding ethical, legal and regulatory issues associated with media products- P5

High school life there is a typical bully which can impact the audience and be influenced by their action. Peter Parker was much more mature than the old Spider man character in ‘Spider man’ film. This gives the audience a view of how students act when they’re in high school.
After the incident of uncle Ben dying Peter learnt that ‘with great power, comes with great responsibility.’ This could influence the audience in a good way because it means that if they have power it has to be used with a great cause. However there is also a scene where Spider-man bully's a guy in school which could influence the audience that the power they have could be used as an advantage in a bad way.
Captain Stacey over protective over his daughter could influence the audience being over protective could lead to danger. As in the film Gwen’s life was in danger. However not only Gwen was put in danger but also Captain Stacey himself. Spider man rescuing people influencing audience how power could help other people but also put people’s life in danger. They use formal language which is unusual for high schoolers however I think they’ve done this to make it suitable of their target audience.

Product impact and influences on the audience

Uses and Gratifications
Form of escapism
The theory believe that the consumer turn media into their needs. For example, if the consumer loves the idea of superheroes, they will go and watch films that involves superheroes just a form entertainment. It could also be a form of education because it reflects what power could do to people. It is also a form of escapism because some people like the idea of hero and villain in the world and that the heroes have super powers.

Active Audience Theory

Hypodermic syringe theory

The hypodermic syringe theory states that an audience will absorb all of the planned information and will unknowingly believe anything they see.
In this theory the audience could believe that superhero’s are real which means that they also believe that the villain which is the lizard is real. This means that they could also believe getting bitten by a spider could lead person to have powers, and be able to climb walls. This could also make the audience believe that violence is the answer when something bad has happened. The film is more realistic than the old Spider man movies and because of that people are more likely to believe it.

Passive Audience Theory

Spider man is the typical superhero because of his body language and facial expression. This shot indicates that he is ready to do some sort of action from his body language and the facial expression of the determination for a battle. The costume also shows the stereotypical hero, although sometimes villain also have costumes, the audience is able to see it in the characters face which is the hero and which is the villain.
There is stereotypical love between a stereotypical hero and a girl. This is common in superhero films. As a superhero always needs to save the girl he loves. The body language and the proximity shows their relationship to one another.

Representation- Stereotype

The age certificate for The Amazing Spider man is 12A, Sony requested that they wanted to make the film PG in order to get more audiences. However, BBFC refused and stated that it would fit more with certificate of 12 few months before 12A was introduced. They stated that Spider man was most violent film that is aimed at a young audience .They also stated that the violence is set in a modern urban setting with a clear message that the use of violence is the normal and appropriate response when challenged. BBFC does not believe that it sends a good message for their target audience(PG).
ASA- Advertising Standards Authority an online casino game featured images and text of the Amazing Spider man. The complaint was about how t he advertising was irresponsible because it appealed more to children. The action done is that the ad must not be shown again. ASA told Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd, trading as, 888.com, not use images that were likely to be of particular appeal to children or young people in future gambling ads.

Role of Regulatory bodies

British video association- media, government, public
Film distribution association- film companies release films in UK
VSC- Video Standards Council – VSC code of practice
Ofcom- office for communication- public protection form harmful and offensive material – complain about the amazing Spider man
PCC Press complaint commission where people complain about posters, magazine etc…

Copyright defines the ownership of property in the same way that the deeds to a house define the ownership rights to that tangible asset. The purpose is to protect the creators or owners of the rights in some creative piece of work. And only the creator has the right of what they want to do with those rights and preventing anyone else from using them in that way without permission from the copyright holder.

In order for Sony to keep the right to the character (Spider-man) Sony needed to make a movie production before those rights expired. But originally Spider-man is a Marvel character so therefore Marvel will receive royalties by a %.
There are lots of deleted scenes, this may be because there are too much violence in the film ( there are violence mostly near the end of t he film) for a age certificate 12A . The BBFC has stated that the film has too much violence in order to have 12 as the age certificate.

Relevant Legal and/or Ethical Issues

P2- Image analysis
What do you think the target is for your film?
Audience demographic includes the characteristic of the audience i.e. age, gender, ethnicity/race/cultural background, economic status, gender, family background and group memberships. Demographics is broken into groups according to people’s jobs or/and status. The Amazing Spiderman could be aimed at A,B,C1,C2 and D because Action, Adventure films has a wide audience. However, it may not appeal to E as sometimes they may not understand some scenes because the film is based on the comics.


Psychographics separates the market into groups based on their social class, lifestyle, personality characteristics. It is based on the theory that the products and brands bought reflects the person characteristics and their pattern of living. The Amazing Spiderman would appeal to all the groups especially the aspirers because it targeted to younger people.


My product: The Amazing Spiderman
What is it?
The Amazing Spiderman is the only film that Columbia Pictures produced that is based on a superhero comic. This is about Peter Parker who was raised by his uncle and auntie. He gets bitten by a spider which allows him to have ability of being strong. He loses his uncle and wants to get revenge with his powers. However as he attempts to save people from evil he encounters with someone that knew his parents, from then on he finds more things about his parents.
Spiderman is a fictional character, a comic book character created by artist Steve Dikto and a writer with Stan Lee. The character first appeared in 1963 called The Amazing Spiderman. Spiderman has become known since then and recognised around the world. Spiderman has become well known just from comics that in 1977 America made a superhero film directed by E.W Swackhammer and Nicholas Hammond following a television series in 1978. Then in the year 2002 Sony decided to release a film called ‘Spiderman’ with trilogy of Spiderman 1, 2, and 3.

Analysing 5 features
Cast: The cast of the Amazing Spiderman vary from young adults to an old age which suggests that the film is aimed at all ages (Above 12 as it suggests on the certificate). The cast of this film are well known starring Rhys Ifans, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field.
Plot: The plot is that in a stereotypical superhero action films for example the hero trying to save the innocent people for the villain. I believe that these types of film are more targeted at males rather than females. Despite that because there is a little bit of romance which could also appeal to females.
Genre: the genre of the amazing Spiderman is an action, adventure film. This type of genres would normally appeal to male audiences as action and adventure films appeal more to them than females.
Style: This film is explores the teenage years of Spiderman as he becomes a kid with great responsibility. The style of this film is realistic in terms of a life of a teenager in high school. There are codes such as enigma codes that make the style of the film dark with unexpected twists; this could appeal male and female.
Setting: The setting of The Amazing Spiderman have included Hearst Building in Manhattan, Brooklyn, National Museum of the Naïve American, and Immanuel Presbyterian church which suggest that realistic effect to the audience; however with the use of CGI it could also be appealing to audience that has the form of escapism.

Secondary research- what’s out there already?
Information from imdb (www.imdb.com

These are the figures from the website IMDB and it represents who voted on the score the films got out from 10. From this graph that there is a bigger female fan base compared to males. From this graph it had appealed more to audiences under the age of 18. It was not as I expected, I thought the film would be more appealing to male audience but from this graph it appeared that it appealed to females under the age 18. In this film it is more popular with US users; however Non- US users are not far behind. In conclusion this means that the target audience are females under the age of 18 and US users as well as Non-US users.

Focus Group

Who do you think the film is aimed at and why?
Carmel: “12 and over, because of the violence in it.”
“Original is aimed at young children but in twist within the film made the audience is wider”
“These characters are a bit more mature for older age range”
From the focus group I have gathered that they think that this film is aimed at young adults because of the maturity within that characters and the violence that is put in it. They believed that because of the maturity and the violence it would not be suitable for people under the age of 12.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a wonderfully realised start to a new franchise of movies involving Spidey (‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due for release in 2014) which is bound to appeal to a wide audience of adults and kids as well as newcomers to the story and long-term fans.
As if to appeal to as many youth markets as possible, the PG-13 production centers on New York high school student Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), an intellectual-loner-photographer-skateboarder type, whose parents disappeared in connection with a highly sensitive project in cross-species genetics.
“We’re trying to make the picture appeal to an intelligent audience so that adults can really enjoy it. But at its heart it will have a lot of fun, excitement and adventure that the kids will also enjoy”
In conclusion from the evidence above The Amazing Spiderman has been reported and stated that it would appeal more to a fresh wide audience of kids to adult. It’s targeted to appeal to audiences that are intelligent so that adults can enjoy it but al so appeal to younger audiences because of the form of excitement and the action packed adventure that the younger audiences will enjoy but also youth actor such as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Unit 1 Analysing Media Products and Audience
LO- understand media products and the institutions.
Columbia Pictures
LO 2- Relationship between media products and their target audience
Analysis of The Amazing Spider man
Section 1
The purpose of the Amazing Spiderman is for the audience to escape from reality and to entertain them. The Amazing Spiderman was released on 3rd July 2012. By the director Marc Webb produced by Columbia Pictures. The genre of this film is action, fantasy. This is a largely recognisable by the use of mise-en-scene such as a gun suggesting violence. The type of narrative is the typical hero trying to save the world. The amazing Spiderman share similarities with Captain America: First Avenger.The impact of the genre to the audience is that the action creates suspense and also curiosity from the effects used or the events happening and its reflection of the Zeitgeist.

Section 2
Genre means the ‘type’ or ‘kind’ of a film. Action, fantasy is identified in the film by the use of codes and conventions such as CGI meaning that it is unrealistic. The repertoire of elements helps define the genre of the film by having a character that is hero and character that is the villain. The narrative of this film is also very stereotypical, particularly in superhero films; this is where the hero always win and the villain always loses as it does in many action films.. Mise-en-scene and cinematography have been used to convey the meaning and response to action, fantasy genre. For example the close up shot of Peter connotes to the audience the fear, suspense. This is because the audience can’t see any surroundings which leave the audience focus on the character in the shot. The spectator is also left with questions they might be wondering where his looking or what he’s thinking about. A low key lighting is also used in this shot to signify the danger as well as mystery which is expected in an action film. These are also supported by Peter’s performance, the facial expression signifies the anger and curiosity he has on his eyes but also sadness. He also has the sense of revenge in the facial expression as he does in the film. This performance in very typical for superhero movies, the hero has always got a reason to face revenge to form some type of action.

Section 3- Form
Form means the shape or construction of something. The amazing Spiderman was 138 minutes; the age certificate for this film is 12A. The form influences the construction of the film by the length of the film, which develops the narrative and the characters. This is done by having scenes specifically for those specific characters. The length of the film uses a different scene to build up and for the audience to have enough time to familiarise themselves with the characters and the plot to which develops the narrative. The age certificate affects the narrative and characters because of the dialogue that is going to be used; the dialogue used would be formal and non-violent language, as well as the narrative having an appropriate story line.

Analysis of Audience and Narrative Form
The Amazing Spiderman target audience are ages 12 and above. This is because of the narrative is classic Hollywood meaning that the film has a cause and effect narrative with a positive resolution. The characters are also easily identifiable such as Spiderman the main character. The narrative and the characters appeal to this audience because it forms escapism (Katz) as well as entertainment. The Amazing Spiderman has a total domestic gross of $ 262,030,663.The narrative also appeals to international audience as films based on comics are very popular globally. The characters and language used are very stereotypical so the film would appeal to a mass and international audience.

In 1969 Tzvetan Todorov made a theory that he believed applied to many films. Todorov believed that the narrative would go through stages called equilibrium, disequilibrium, acknowledgement, solving and again equilibrium.
The narrative is structured in five stages:
• State of equilibrium
• Disruption of that order by some sort of action
• Recognition of the disruption
• Attempt of repairing the outcome of the disruption
• Return of a new equilibrium

At the beginning Peter Parker is with his parents then died. It is a typical day for Peter, the same old being an outcast in school and him being in love with a girl called Gwen. This is a very stereotypical scenario when it comes to films that are based on comics. Peter’s mysteriously departs so he has to live with his aunt and uncle. Meaning that it is the disruption something that is caused by an action in this instance peter’s parents disappearing. This has an impact on the spectators as they know that there will be some sort of action and violence later on, which excites the audience. Peter then finds his parents’ briefcase and curiosity took over him which lead him to go to a science lab but then a spider bit him which is when he became Spider Man. This is one of the recognisable disruptions in the narrative. The audience would expect Peter to find out more about his parents but instead he tries to help the public and stop crimes when it comes near him, suggesting that he is now the hero of the town. However, this then leads him to his big enemy Dr. Connors from hurting people, this is where the typical hero gets beaten first but by the end, Peter beats The Lizard which is Dr. Connors. So then, a new equilibrium has happened where Peter beats Dr. Connors and wins Gwen Stacy’s heart. The audience would think that it is the end, but in contrast there’s another twist where there’s mysterious guy is talking about Peter open ending to allow a sequel which creates another disruption.

Valdimir Propp was a Russian critic who produced the theory of every story having 8 types’ of characters, which are:
• The hero- A character that seeks for something
• The villain- Actively blocks the hero’s mission
• The donor- Prepares the hero of gives something to the hero
• The princess or prize- acts as the reward for the hero or hero is unable to get her because of the villain. The hero always ends up marrying her or being with her.
• False hero- someone that takes credit of the hero’s action
• The dispatcher- Character who makes the lack known and sends the hero off.
• The helper- helps the hero in their mission
• The father- gives a task to the hero, or who acts as reward for the hero. Propp noted that princess and the father can’t be distinguished.

The hero in this film is Spiderman/ Peter Parker. This reflects one of Propp’s character roles because Spiderman is the character that saves the world and defeat the enemy as well as get the princess. The purpose of Spiderman is to save the people from being infected from Dr. Connors/ The Lizard. The impact of Spiderman to the audience is that he is the reason to keep the narrative going, without him there would be no purpose of the storyline. The audience empathises with Spiderman as he is the protagonist with his personality standing out to the audience. The princess in this film is Gwen Stacy which is the character Spiderman saves. However, Gwen is not the only princess but also the people. The purpose of the character is that without Gwen Stacy the hero would not have any love interest which may bore the audience. The impact of Gwen is that the audience may be more intrigued to the story line as the hero would work hard for the princess. The audience is also encouraged to like Gwen in order for the narrative to develop a love story for Peter. Dr. Connors/The Lizard is the villain into his film as he is the one that tries to infect everyone with serum. Without the villain there would be no conflict and a weak narrative within the film. It also wouldn’t suit the genre of the film as there would be no action going. It would just be romance with Gwen. The false hero in this film is arguably Captain Stacy because he tries to take credit of arresting some of the criminals he also tries to prevent Gwen from being with Peter. This role is very important because there would be no twist and will not create thrill to the audience. The audience is encouraged to dislike this character as he tries to prevent the hero and the princess from being together.

Pre-Production process is where the producers get all materials to create a product. The production team source, the locations, props, considered actors relevant for the genre etc...In the pre-production process they have to think about the audience being able to connect with the cast. Story-boards are also created to visualize for the overall style and idea of the product that is to be filmed. After all materials are gathered the crew start producing schedules, ensuring the equipment and are actors are all present. The purpose of pre-production is to get the principal photography running as smooth as possible.
The Amazing Spiderman was shot in Los Angles same location Men in Black 3 was shot. In May 2010 there were 5 actors being considered for the role of Peter Parker. In June, Columbia pictures stated that the final list would be Jamie Bell, Anton Yelchin, Aaron Johnson, and Andrew Garfield. The studio then announced that Andrew Garfield would have the role of Peter Parker on 1st of July. The plan for Spiderman 4 was cancelled so Sony decided to innovate and get new director and new cast and they intend it too much closer adaption from the comics. They have also updated their costumes used in The Amazing Spiderman. The film was going to be called Ultimate Spiderman rather than The Amazing Spiderman because they decided they would have it mainstream instead. Director: Marc Webb, Witers are: Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, James Vanderbil. Producers: Avi Arad, Mathew Tolmach, Laura Ziskin.

• Associate Producer: Kyla Kraman
• Executive Producers: Michael Grillo, Stan Lee
• Art Directions: Page Buckner, Michael E. Goldman, David F. Klassen
• Casting: Francine Maisler
• Costume Design: Kym Barrett
• D.O.P.: John Schwartzman
• Editors: Alan Edward Bell, Pietro Scalia
• Makeup: Ve Neill
• Music: James Horner
• Production Design: J. Michael Riva
• Set Decoration: Leslie A. Pope

Production is the process to transfer ideas into reality. The pre-production phase enables the crew to shoot the film. This could include filming, soundtracks, animation, rehearsals; build sets and the effects used in the film. Principal photography is where the camera rolls to record actors and make the movie. Principal photography is the most expensive part of film production. Principal photography of the Spider Man started on 6th of December in Los Angeles however some shootings took place in New York. Andy Armstrong was the stunt director while Vic Armstrong was the second director where they determine how Spider-Man should swing. For the effect Webb wanted to use 3D experience for Spider-Man: “I wanted to conceive of certain things very specifically for 3D. There's an experimental component to 3D that's fascinating and we're experimenting with generating that point of view” So the audiences feels what Peter Parker feels. Such the audience feeling what Peter Parker feels when jumping over buildings.Armstrongs worked with Webb on increasing the level of practical stunt work with their new choreography and with the design, development and construction of new technology to allow Spider-Man to swing higher, and with more in-camera excitement, rather than using visual effects work. This means that Andrew Garfield would have hard and intense training routine with the help of health and fitness trainer Armando Alarcon. He has helped improve Andrew’s strength, as well as nutritional monitoring. They have used video sequences to help Andrew with the stunts that they’re planning to use.
Post Production
The film also features the Coldplay song "'til Kingdom Come" from the album X&Y. In May 2012, Sony Classical revealed details about the soundtrack. Webb said, "I wanted to create a score that felt massive and huge but also intimate and small”. The amazing Spiderman was the first Hollywood production to be filmed with the Red Digital cinema camera‘s RED Epic camera and was shot in 3-D at 5K resolution. Webb states that discovering a new dimension of the Peter Parker story meant telling the story in a different way a more naturalistic way this means that they chose to create The Amazing Spider-Man using practical, real-world elements as imaginable and choosing visual effects only when strictly needed. The school fight between Spiderman and lizard has been said that it is 100% digitally created and the sequence was created using just a computer which also means that there were no actors, no photography involved. It has been done and supervised by Image works' Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen. However, in the sewage scene where Spiderman and the lizard fight although there was complete digital work done, there were actors but it was apparently difficult as it is was harder to create effects cause of the water. The visual effects team tried to make the movements of Spiderman as believable as possible. Although they try and make it as realistic as possible there are still clues of the CGI effect an example is when Spiderman was swinging from one crane to another. The visual effects comprised a large part of the production whilst editing the digital footage with the conventionally shot material.
Content and Meaning
The high school fight scene shows Peter/Spiderman running towards the lizard using the cinematography of high angle long shot. This shot establishes the scenery, whilst the other students are running away from the lizard connoting that the lizard is dangerous. Spiderman is running towards the lizard meaning that there heroic gesture of bravery and saviour. This is how the content creates meaning for the audience.

Another scene where Spiderman is represented as powerful whilst he swings and jumps from one place to another and the police are stopping cars and looking up at Spiderman. The mise-en-scene prop of the cranes are strong and powerful connoting how much power Spiderman has. The non- verbal code of the crane used creates meaning to the audience because it shows the power within physical strength.

However, before those scenes Spiderman was treated differently. In the car thief scene where a guy uses a technology device to break into a car, Spiderman stops him by using his powers. The device used shows how latest technology can be used as an advantage by using it for wrong reasons. Although Spiderman stopped him, when the police came he pointed a gun at Spiderman meaning that there is going to be violence, danger and some sort of action. Most importantly the non-verbal code of the policeman pointing the gun signifies the lack of trust society has of Spiderman. This connotes to the audience that Spiderman is an outsider.

When the captain got shot, he made Spiderman promise that he needs to leave Gwen alone. However, from Spiderman’s facial expression he did not seem to be answering Captains question. This suggests that Spiderman may not be able to keep his promise. Another non-verbal code is when the Captain died Spiderman’s facial expression connoted really hurt and affected by the death of the captain.

In the last scene The Lizard is shown talking to a mystery character and they’re talking about Spider Man. The proximity connotes their relationship together. The body language also suggests the power that they have. The mystery character seems to be standing at a distance and looking down at The Lizard, whereas The Lizard has hunched back and sitting on the bed. This signifies that the mystery character has more power than The Lizard. This also connotes in the narrative that it also left the audience a cliff hanger; an enigma code (Barthes)

Genre Style
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