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No description

Saloni Zobalia

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Totoloque

Totoloque By Saloni Zobalia
How to play?
Each player had 5 tries, and the player with the most scoring hits would win the stake. To play totoloque, create pellets from aluminum foil and take turns tossing them to a large silver dollar set on the ground. After each participant has had a turn, award points for pieces that land on the coin and for pieces that land closest to it.
Where was it played?
Totoloque was one of the games Montezuma played while being held captive by the Spanish, and the conquistadors were averse to the game, as it seemed to have a strong religious basis.
Thank you for watching!
What is it?
Totoloque was a popular Aztec gambling game whose object was to toss small,golden pellets as close to a target ( usually a slab of gold) as possible.
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