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Logical Fallacies

No description

Tehya Antonio

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Beyonce's Pepsi Commercial
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Intended Audience:
People who like to play video games and people who are fans of Call of Duty (COD). These gamers and fans are people of all ages because COD is not just geared towards teenagers but adults as well.
How is the message meant to persuade the target audience?:
The ad is trying to persuade gamers to buy the new Call of Duty because "everybody's doing it".
What does this message say about a particular group in society?:
This message repeats the phrase "everybody's doing it" which tries to get people to buy the game. It shows that the advertisers are aware that people get easily influenced by other people who are also "doing it".
Camel Cigarette
Target Audience:
People who
smoke cigarettes.
Logical Fallacies:
Straw Man
~Ad Populum
Most doctors smoke camel cigarettes, therefore camel cigarettes must be the healthiest choice.
Camel Cigarettes are the best option.

choose Camel Cigarettes above any other because doctors do.
Group in Society:
Are aware cigarettes
are bad for them, but having an ad that shows doctors using a specific brand will push them to trust that brand of cigarettes.

The Joy Of Fallacies For Advertisements
Logical fallacies are very common for advertisements, you may not know it but they are. We will do so many thing to appeal to who we are trying to get buy our product like hasty generalization, slippery slope, and false analogy. Those four are quite in common because while they are pretty easy to make things seem better than they are or could be.
Logical Fallacies
Logical Fallacies Used in the Commercial
Summary of the Message
Beyonce is a famous and very well respected entertainer. Since Beyonce drinks Pepsi, you should too.
False Analogy:
Beyonce drinks Pepsi which makes her a great dancer and singer. You want to be a great dancer and singer like Beyonce, so you should drink Pepsi.
Intended Audience:
Beyonce's fans of all ages who look up to her and hope to be just like her one day.
How is the message meant to persuade the target audience?:
The purpose of the add is to persuade the audience to buy Pepsi so they can dance and sing like Beyonce.
What does this message say about a particular group in society?:
Loyal fans of Beyonce's and aspiring dancers and singers are easily influenced to do anything like drinking Pepsi to be like their idol.
This commercial shows Beyonce during her rehearsal. She gets tired so she grabs a Pepsi, takes a sip and she suddenly gets this rush of energy that makes her dance and sing really well.

Pepsi is implying that if you want to sing and dance like the legendary Beyonce, then you should drink their product. Pepsi is what gives Beyonce the energy to perform her best.
Logical Fallacies Used in the Commercial
Bandwagon/ Ad Populum:
The phrase "everybody's doing it" is repeated throughout the commercial. This shows the bandwagon effect because the ad is basically saying that consumers should buy the game due to the claim that "everybody is doing/[playing] it". Since a lot of people are playing it, the game must be good.
Hasty Generalization:
The man in the commercial sarcastically says that "over 20 million people are doing it now, so it's safe to say that everyone is doing it." He is generalizing 20 million people as "everyone".
Summary of the Message
In this ad, an old man is talking about how everyone is "doing it". The viewers may get the wrong idea at first but the commercial ends with a logo of the game. Throughout this commercial, the phrase "everyone is doing it" is used repeatedly. The ad is implying that people get easily influenced by what other people are doing like playing Call of Duty. The advertisers try to get gamers to buy the new game with the single claim that "everyone" (over 20 million people) are playing it.
Taco Bell Sriracha Commercial
Target Audience:
Taco bell fans that are strong.
Logical Fallacies:
~Appeal to Flattery
~Loaded Words
Taco Bell appreciates the support by the fans.
The Fanatics inspire Taco Bell to produce fresh ideas
First points out Taco Bell supporters then specifically talks about sriracha lovers and pretty much thanks the fans for giving them the idea to create the Sriracha Quesarito
Group in Society:
Taco bell fanatics are the reason why Taco Bell stays motivated.
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
Slippery Slope and Non Sequitar
It gives the ideas that Micheal Jordan eats Wheaties and became a Champion, so since he ate Wheaties he became a champion
Michael Jordan is a champion basketball player, he eats Wheaties, if you eat Wheaties you'll become a basketball champion.
Allstate Insurance
Appeal to Fear/Emotion
Who is the intended
How is the message meant to persuade the target audience?
What does the message say about this particular group in society?
The intended audience for this advertisement would be to kids or athletes, particularly basketball players, who are striving to become a champion.
This message is meant to persuade persuade them by showing a substantially big role model this audience, making them imagine that they could be like him.
This message is saying that if they do this than they will get to the position that Michael Jordan is at.
Summary of the Message
This advertisement appeals to emotion more specifically fear. Allstate is an insurance company that is for auto, home, life, and retirement. In the ad, he is a girl jogging down the street and as a man drives by he gets distracted by her and drives into a pole that falls on his car. This appeals to fear because it makes you scared to think about what you would have to do if that were to happen or if anything else more drastic happens.
Who is the intended audience?
How is the message meant to persuade
the target audience?
What does the message say about
this particular group in society?
The intended audience for this would be adults who are in need of insurance on case things happen to go wrong.
This message is meant to persuade the audience by giving them the chance to see a scenario and look at the damage then they realize the seriousness of it.
This message says that these people are responsible and will
This message is meant for sports athlete specifically as well as anyone who wants to be a champion. Using Michael Jordan to kind of say that yes this will make you a champion is effective because he is a champion and so many respect him. With him being on the cover he is saying if you are to eat this you'll become a champion as I am and others.
Summary of the Message
This message is putting perspective one of the four parts of Allstate Insurance. Mayhem represents just bad things that happen in general and he portrays a girl that distracts a man from driving. When distracted he runs into a pole messing up his car and potentially he could have gotten hurt too. This makes people aware that if anything were to happen to themselves, them, their car that they or their family would have to deal with it's wrath and that definitely can't be good. So it'd trying to persuade you by doing anything it possibly can even f is exaggerates some or falsely does another.
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