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5 Seconds of Summer

No description

Laura Holland

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

An introduction to 5sos
Hello and welcome to the introduction of our new soft drink, 5 Seconds of Summer by Cadbury Schweppes. We are a new, healthy take on original soft drinks. Our blend of tropical flavours taste delicious.
And with the fab new idea of introducing summer even if the sun isn't shining, what more could you want?

When is it available?
Our dazzling drink will be available to sip in most supermarkets and newsagents on 17th July 2013. Cadbury Schweppes will be releasing 500ml, 300ml, 1 litre sharing and 2 litre sharing bottles to kickstart your summer holiday!

Thank you for watching
After learning all about our new, tatse-tingling drink, we hope you want to buy 5 Seconds of Summer and get a burst of Summer wherever you go!
By Laura Holland, Emily Wyre, Madeline Scott and Hanna Smith
Our product
After concidering the figures from our questionnaire, we decided that 5 Seconds of Summer should be a tropical flavoured soft drink split into 5 different types: Juices, Fizzy drinks, Flavoured Waters, Smoothies and Milkshakes.
The flavours for each type will be:
Juices- Orange, Mango and Pineapple
Flavoured Waters- Strawberry, Apple, Peach and Lemon
Fizzy Drinks- Apple, Orange, Pomegranite and Cranberry
Smoothies- Mango, Orange and Pineapple
Milkshakes- Strawberry, Banana and Coconut.
Our prices are very reasonable and suitable for all budgets.
500ml Bottle- £1.50
300ml Bottle- £0.90
1 Litre Sharing Bottle- £2.00
2 Litre Sharing Bottle- £3.00
Our Bottle
We decided to make our bottle and packaging bright and colourful because in our questionnaire we got results saying that packaging and logo make a big difference.
Press Release
We all know what the British summers are like; Depressing, wet and unpredictable. 100% of 70 members of the British public asked, said that they'd like a drink that gives you a burst off summer and tropical flavours. Well, with 5 Seconds of Summer you can have just that; our tropical flavours will bring a taste of Summer, even if the weather disagrees.
This taste bud tingling drink tantalises your senses and whisks you away to a hot, tropical country.
Combining fruits like orange, pineapple and mango, 5SOS will allow you to take summer sensations with you, wherever you go.
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