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Your Visit to Chateau de Chambord!

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youna choi

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Your Visit to Chateau de Chambord!

A Tour of the Chateau de Chambord!
Where is it Located
Address: 41250 Chambord, France
Architecture of Chambord
There are 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, 84 staircases
Was ordered to be built by Francois I in 1519
History of the Chambord
It started out as a hunting lodge
Built to honor himself and his kingdom
Castle was finished by his son Henry II and Louis XIV
Francois never saw his project completed
Created in the Sologne region
Created at the edge of a forest surrounded by nature
Located in the Valley of the Loire
Wrapped with shaded park landscape, enclosed gardens of Villandry, a maze, vineyards, and a kitchen garden
Chambord has a ringed moat, turrets, and stonework walls
Has a famous double-helix staircase designed by Leonardo Da Vinci
Surrounds the castle on all sides and each side varies in design
Ride the Waters
There is a moat that surrounds the castle
Architecture Continued
French and Italian classic traditional designs
Fun Facts
There is a fireplace for every day of the year
Francois I
Did You Listen???
Virtual Tour
Living the Chambord
It was commonly used as a hunting lodge
Many famous kings and queens lived in the castle during their reign
After Francois I passed away the castle was unused for eighty years
More of a vacation home that was visited every once in a while (weekend retreat)
The front is exactly like the back except it now has a walkway for tourists to explore
To the side consists of a large maze like garden filled with flowers and greenery
The back is two separate vertical fields almost as big as a football field
The moat was used as defense mechanism
Boat rides on the moat around the castle
There is a bridge so that people are able to cross the moat and enter the castle
13,000 acres of green and park surrounding the castle
11 different types of towers and 3 different types of chimneys
There are vault shaped hallways on each floor to give castle a cross-like shape
Four towers that support the four corners of the castle
Has a central tower that is used as a dungeon
Helix staircase goes up to the third floor of the castle
People Who Lived in the Chambord
Henri de Bourbon, Count of Paris.
Prince Elie de Bourbon-Parme
Henri V, Duke of Bordeaux
Charles X
Marshal Berthier
Marshal Maurice de Saxe
Louis XV, and his father , Stanislas Leszczynski,
Louis XIV
Gaston d'Orleans
Henri IV and Louis XIII
Henri II, Francois II, Charles IX, and Henri III.
Two people can be on the double helix going up and down and they will never meet
Francois built this hunting palace to show off his power
Largest castle in the Loire Valley; six times larger than other castles in the Loire Valley
Francois had easy to disassemble furniture becasue he was a traveling king
1. Who orderd to have the Chambord built?

4. Are you able to take a boat ride in the moat?
5. Does the Chambord contain a maze?
2. What did Leonardo Da Vinci design inside the castle that is super famous?
3. Is this castle the largest castle in the Loire Valley or the smallest?
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