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Mest 3 - Section A

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Mest 3 - Section A

Mest 3 - Section A
Question 3

What Question 3 is marked on

Using relevant examples

Applying media concepts (MIGRAIN) and theory

Understanding of wider contexts
Should the media provide accessible platforms for alternative or oppositional voices? You should refer to other media products to support your answer.
Choose one question to write a paragraph for
Colour code your paragraph

Point addressing the question
Explanation of your example
Any media key concepts or theory
Wider contexts
Political - ideologies

Historical - what was happening at the time

Economic - money

Social/cultural - what's happening in society
Political - liberal pluralism/Marxism/Hegemony
Social - social media/changing audiences/Participatory Culture
Economic - Benefits companies to acknowledge the voice of the audienced
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