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coral reef

the loveley, beautiful, helpful

thames thames

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of coral reef

what are humans doing to coral
we are making huge rubbish piles in the ocean! which makes less oxygen for marine life, which kills corals

look at how much destruction we've done!
what does coral eat
most soft corals, zoonthids and gorgonians eat phytoplankton(small water-born plants or algae)
time lapse
good afternoon
just sit back, relax and enjoy my prezi on coral reefs :)
to my prezi on ...
coral reef
The great barrier reef
coral reef also need a good habitat like plants

shallow water(maximum 45 meters in depth)
sunny weather
good temperature (between 20-28°C)
water with few nutrients in vicinity

how do the coral live with very few nutrients?
we mus stop buying stuff!!
thank you
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