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5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography

Alberto Vera

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography

The second theme of geography is PLACE

This theme answers the question "What kind of place is this?" Theme 1 - Location

Definition: Where you or something is at

This answers the question "Where are we?" Theme #3 is all about Human/Environment Interaction.

The critical question reflective people ask is "How do humans and the environment affect each other?" Theme #4 is Movement.

Movement, as a geographic theme, defines the movement of people,
goods, resources, and ideas

Underingstanding movement is essential to understanding the world you find yourself in and how to make it work for you.

The Five Themes of Geography

Region - There are TWO types of location #1 Absolute Location: exact location, using a grid

#2 Relative location: position of where you are
in relation to another place or location For example:
Dover-Eyota High School is
located at:
48o58' North latitude and
92o14' West Longitude Absolute location is essential for anyone who works with geographic details like the military, transportation, etc.

But what about an everyday use for location? For example, the le Mur pour la Paix (wall of peace) is found in the
Champ de Mars (field of Mars) and it is about two or three blocks away
from the Eiffel Tower Wall of Peace in Paris, France Okay, so Location is the 1st theme of Geography.

So what's the 2nd theme? Place: The definition of what an area is like and its features.

Physical Characteristics
What the land looks like
Land features, climate, vegitation, animals

Human Characteristics
How people act
Belief systems, culture, norms, language, food, etc Consider these three ways to think about human/environment interaction:

Humans adapting to the environment
Humans modifying the environment
Humans depending on the environment

(have an example for each one ready) Compare how the movement of ideas took place when your parents were your age versus how the movement of ideas takes place today.

What are the consequences of this new period of movement in regards to ideas? The 4th Theme of Geography: Movement

Movement defined: the motion of people, goods, resources, and/or ideas from one place to another

Somali refugees coming to MN
Truckers delivering goods from one place to another
Email and internet Theme #5 - Region

A region is a grouping of areas with common characteristics
Can be grouped by physical features like climate (example: Sun Belt)
Can also be grouped human features like language - (example: Latin America)
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