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Creating an Internet Safety Multimedia Presentation

So you've been given the task of creating a PSA about Internet Safety. Where do you start?

Dave Lennon

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Creating an Internet Safety Multimedia Presentation

So you've been given the task of
creating a PSA about...

Where do you start?
Over 85% head straight to...
Internet Safety!?
Didn't catch all of that? Let's try video then
Great, but garbage in = garbage out
even with Google!
we need to SLOW DOWN and think to form a good search QUERY
Additionally, we can use some TRICKS...
OK, so we used some cool tricks and entered a great query with advanced search options...
...and still have thousands of results.
How do you know which ones to use?
You use the C.R.A.P. test!
"Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him."
-Ernest Hemingway, 1954
25 min video by eccentric Howard Rheingold
The "King of Search"
Now on to organizing our potential sources...
What about wikipedia?
The preceeding viewpoint does not neccesarily reflect the view Dunder Mifflin or its parent company Sabre.
Insert hyperlinks in Excel
Diigo - more information on this coming soon!
NOW it's time to begin to layout our presentation!
there are many options
MS PowerPoint
Google Slides
...and many, many more.
No matter what we choose to use...
...we'll need to add some creative multimedia to our facts and figures.
Photoshop/sumopaint collage
Videos starring YOU!
now, With all your well researched facts laid out with some fun and interesting graphics added for good measure, you are ready create a screencast of your presentation...
Piece of cake !
Wait, what's a "PSA"?
Information Safety
Personal Safety
Computer Safety
Intellectual Property
So let's get started then!
Haiku Deck
Just Say No to PLAGARISM!
If we choose to use any of these potential resources, we must concern ourselves with...
When we use any of our potential sources,
we MUST cite them correctly or else we are
guilty of..
So how do we deal with creating a
or other Web 2.0 tools...
Although this video was meant to be
humorous, there is nothing funny about
OK, but what do you mean by
"Internet Safety"?

We will divide "Internet Safety"
into 4 subtopics.

Screencasting allow you to "show" your presentation, record your voice and other audio, and then share it as a video file...
(or instructional video)

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