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All About Me;

No description

Alex Lauder

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of All About Me;

My favourite text this semester was 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'. I really enjoyed this book because it was very interesting and had a good plot. I liked it better than the other novels that we read this semester because it was the most interesting and exciting book in my opinion. The other novels that we read were also very good books but 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' was definitely my favourite one. I always felt like reading more and I didn't want to put the book down.
I enjoy reading most types of novels. I especially like action and suspense. My least favourite type of book to read is horror or biography's. I also dislike long books, I would rather read a couple short novels than one very long novel. My weaknesses while reading are the fact that I will read a section and then forget what I just read so I'll have to read it all over again. Other than that I believe that I am a good reader. My skills and interests haven't changed over the semester. I'm still at the same level of reading and my book preference hasn't changed.
Alex Lauder
Hanging out with friends
Going shopping
Going to the beach
Spending time with family
Walking my dog
Listening to music
Watching tv
Buffalo Sabres
90210 & Degrassi
Chicken fingers
Perks of Being
a Wallflower
All About Me
Reading Goal
My reading goal for this semester was to read some books that I haven't read before, and to learn some new words. I like reading so I wanted to read something new and different than what I've read before. I also wanted to learn some new words because it's good to have a wide vocabulary. I achieved my reading goals for this semester because I read a couple new novels and learned new words during the word of the days that we did.
The most challenging piece of writing for me this semester was the Hunger Games essay. It was the most challenging for me because essays aren't my strongest writing pieces. I don't really like essays and I'm not very good at them so it was sort of difficult for me. It was hard for me to find enough supporting details to use, also quotes were hard for me to find. Essays aren't my strongest writing pieces so it was also difficult for me to come up with a hook for my essay.
I would rather write short pieces than long articles like essays or news reports. I have challenges writing certain essays because I can't find enough supporting details and I'm not very good at coming up with a hook. Other essays though I can write a lot about and do a good job on. I will take away the ability to write a proper news article and I will be able to say that I have taken part in a seminar. I still need to work on presenting and my ability to write essays, other than that I feel like I am good in the subject English.
My best reading response was the article that we had to write deciding which type of Benjamin Button was more effective; short story or graphic novel. I felt like this was my best because I used proper grammar and punctuation and I wrote it in the way an essay is supposed to be written. I am not very good at essays but this was one of my better ones. I feel like I did a good job and that I had a lot to talk about in my opinion essay. I'm proud of this reading response because I think that I wrote it very well and that it is one of my better writing pieces that I have done this semester.
Reading Response
As a Reader
Best Opinion Essay
My best opinion essay this semester was my essay about what I consider the perfect vacation. I feel like I did a good job on this particular essay and like it was one of my best essays. I don't really like writing essays but this one wasn't too challenging for me. I used proper grammar and punctuation which is why I feel like I did a good job on it. I enjoyed writing this essay because it was about a subject that I can talk a lot about. I had a lot to say about this essay and I could have written more if I was given the space. This essay was the one that I felt the most confident about.
Most Challenging
As a Writer
Best Piece
of Writing
My best piece of writing this semester was the article I wrote about what my ideal job would be. I feel like this is my best writing piece because it was something that I could write a lot about and it was an interesting topic for me to write about. I felt like I could have written a lot more about my ideal job if I was given the space, but since I as given limited space I could only write a small amount about the topic. I think it is my best because I wrote it very well and with good punctuation and grammar, also I didn't go over the amount of space provided.
My favourite piece of media is the song 'Blue' by Beyoncé. I really like this song and the video because it shows how lucky Beyoncé is and how much she loves her baby Blue. Beyoncé had a miscarriage before she became pregnant with Blue and it was one of the hardest things that she has ever had to go through. This songs shows how blessed she is to be so well known and how lucky she is to have Blue in her life. This song is dedicated to Blue and even features her talking at the end of the song. By listening to this song you can tell how much she loves her baby and how blessed Beyoncé is to have her in her life. It helped me to learn that anything is possible and to be grateful for what I have.
As a Presenter
I think my strengths are the fact that I can read very well, and I'm good at making sure that everyone can hear me clearly. My weaknesses are that I'm not very good at making eye contact. Also I become shy when I have to present things by myself in front of a group of people. I think I am improving on making eye contact but I believe I still need to work on that for the future.
As a Contributor
When discussing ideas in class I feel like I do not contribute my ideas enough. I think that I could have some good ideas but I don't contribute all of them. I think I could include more f my ideas when I do contribute because they could be helpful for my group or class. This is something that I need to work on for the future because it is important in not only English class, but in real life too. I think I contributed a decent amount of ideas in class but I do know that I could have contributed more and I will continue to work on this for the future.
As a Listener
I believe that I make good eye contact with the presenter or teacher and I pay attention to what they are saying. I also try to ask questions if I'm unclear of something that they presented or said. Sometimes I have difficulty staying focused on the presenter and I get distracted talking to someone or writing something down. In order to improve my listening skills I need to focus more on the presenter and try not to get distracted so easily.
Since the beginning of the semester I haven't changed as a student very much. Although, I have grown to like reading more than I did in September. My goals for this semester were to read more books, and to get better at writing pieces such as news articles and essays. My goals haven't changed because I would still like to achieve these things so I will continue to work on them in the future. I think my reading has gotten better this semester and I have become more open in class discussions. I will take away from this semester some very useful skills and some great memories.
The End
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