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The Research Path

No description

Samantha Gallman

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of The Research Path

Collect Information (determine your basket)
Gather your favorites and find a place to save them
Websites (URLs)
Articles (paper or electronic versions)
Chapters of Books (check it out or copy the pages)
People to interview (name & numbers)
Videos (URLs / File Downloads)
Read to Comprehend Information
Best practices for really knowing your topic: Read and Annotate
Underline assertions
Circle key statistics or data
* major findings
Write your thoughts in the margins
Summarize the entire article
Make your Product
Find a "tool" to present your information
Presentation: Prezi, Powerpoint, Poster
The Task
Make sure you know what you are supposed to do
What are you going to research ?
What are you going to make with the information?
Paper, Product, and/or Presentation?
The Research Path
Selecting Good Resources
Determine the best resources to gather information
Will you have paper or electronic copies?
Get a folder for paper copies
Use Google Folder or LiveBinders to save electronic documents
Keep a Google Doc just for resource URL's, titles of Books to use, etc.
Synthesize information by Evaluating, Analyzing, and Organizing.
Find things to compare
Determine if something has parts
Use Organizational Charts or make an outline
Evaluate Your Work
Is your product exceptional?
Did you learn?
Would you do anything differently?
Determine the Best information and Make a Notecard ... find a way to organize your cards.

In this step I .....
Students use this slide to describe your choice. Add some clip art or pics please :)
Students : Document your work for step 2 & 3 by making an annotated bibliography.

Have at least 1 of each type of source:
Internet Site
Database article
Video or Podcast

The annotation should state
What type of source
How the information helps you
1 key detail you plan to use

On at least one of your sources show your annotations. You can annotate electronically and upload. You can also print an article and annotate with highlighter, pen, & pencil; then, take a picture and upload the picture to your project.
Give your brain a chance to reflect on the information. Help it understand the information by using organizational tools such as Bubble maps, T-Charts, Venn Diagrams, etc. Upload your Organizational Chart in this space.
Add 3 boxes within this space
Tell me what you researched
List your major findings
What choice did you make?
Write a reflection
Were you excited about researching a topic of interest?
What did you research?
Which parts of the research process were most helpful to your learning?
Which resource had the best information?
Which resource suprised you with it's information?
Did the "synthesis" step make it easier for you to make a decision and create a product to share your findings?
Are you happy with your findings?
What might you do differently?
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