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What is writing?

No description

Lucy Arnold

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of What is writing?

What is writing?
Take a moment and jot down your definition of writing. When you are done, move on to the next slide.
What about writing that is typically printed on paper?

Magazine articles
School assignments
Shopping lists

Are all of these examples of writing? (Take a moment to complicate your definition as necessary.)
What about writing that is typically done online?

School assignments

Or social media?


Or texting?

Are these all examples of writing? Some of them? Any of them? Take a moment and complicate your definition.
Are movies, songs, and podcasts examples of writing?

Why or why not? And in what ways?

Take a moment to complicate your definition.
Are video games examples of writing? Some types of games? None of them?

Take a moment to complicate your definition.
Are images and sounds with no alphabetic writing at all still writing? Can they be?

Take a moment to complicate your definition.
And what does it do?
Take a moment and consider your revised definition of writing.

Now, jot down your thoughts about the purpose of writing. What does writing do in the world? Why do people write? (This can be a list.)
Now, putting it all together...

Create an image that shows illustrates some element of your definition of writing or one or more of the purposes for writing that you listed.

Your image must do something more than illustrate a conventional idea of writing.
You may be funny or satirical or inquisitive.
You may draw the picture yourself (and then take a picture with your camera, so you can post it), or you can create it using clip art or a web tool (like ToonDoo).
Post your image to the Moodle forum.
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