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1920s cars

No description

trenton feltes

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of 1920s cars

1920s cars
Model A
Model T
Henry ford
Work cited page
The model T was the first car that Henry Ford built. The model T was made on October 1, 1908. The car was so popular that over 10,000 sold in the first year for $950. Another name for the model T was the Tin Lizzie.
The model A was the second car that Henry Ford Built. The car was made in 1927. Like the model T, the model A has a nick name of being called A-bone. The model A was used for many things such as a mail truck, deluxe pickup, and a taxi car.
Henry Ford was the creator of the Model T and the model A. He was one of the first people to ever build a car. "I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one-and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces."-Henry Ford
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