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Hercules' Hero Journey

No description

Alexa LaScala

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Hercules' Hero Journey

The Disney movie
tells the story of a young boy who learns he is the son of the all powerful god Zeus. He then discovers his mentor Phil, and trains himself to become a hero to return to his family on Mount Olympus. He travels around Greece fighting villains and accidentally falls in love. Will Hercules prove himself as a hero, or fail to make his father proud?
Hercules' Hero Journey
Initiation: Road of Trials
Hercules encounters a half horse, half man while he is traveling to Thebes, and fights him. While in Thebes, Hercules is asked to save two boys from a fallen rock, only to meet a dragon who grows multiple heads, courtesy of Hades. After a long struggle, he defeats the dragon and faces a new challenge: his love for meg.
Encounter with the goddess/ temptress
Hercules encounters meg on his journey; a beautiful woman with a dark secret. She is secretly working with Hades to try to destroy Hercules. She is both a good and bad character due to the fact that she falls in love with Hercules, but distracts him from and makes him in denial. Hercules' mentor Phil warns him about meg, but doesn't listen to him, causing Phil to abandon Hercules on his journey.
Belly of the Whale
With Phil gone, Pegasus kidnapped, and the truth about meg revealed, Hercules is giving up on himself. Hades uses this opportunity to make a deal with him: Hades gets Hercules' strength in return for the safety of meg. Upon this offer, Hercules accepts and Hades immediately unleashes the "titans" and tries to take over the world. Meg sacrifices herself to get Hercules his strength and is near death. This is Hercules' lowest point in his journey, representing the
Belly of the Whale.
Atonement with the Father and Apotheosis

Hercules' story begins when he finds his special amulet given to him by his father upon his birth. Hercules knows he does not belong, and leaves his home to go to the temple of Zeus, where he talks to his father. Zeus tells him to prove himself a true hero in order to return to Mount Olympus. Hercules gladly accepts this challenge, known as the
Call to Adventure.
After his training with Phil, his mentor, they set off on a journey,along side Hercules' best pal Pegasus, to Thebes, where trouble and misfortune are common. It's the perfect place for a hero to prove himself, and an avengeful villain Hades to try and stop him. This represents Hercules
Crossing the first threshold.

Hercules defeats hades and manages to save meg from the underworld, proving himself to be a true hero. He is now allowed into Mount Olympus, where he meets his father. His father expresses his love for Hercules, makes him a god and invites him to live on Mount Olympus. This represents the
Atonement with the Father and the Apotheosis.
Hercules realizes that Mount Olympus has one flaw: Meg won't be there. He decides that his love for meg is stronger than anything, and decides to give up his god like powers and return to earth. This represents Hercules
Crossing the Return Threshold
Master of Two Worlds
Knowing his true meaning of life, Hercules becomes a
Master of Two worlds.
Hercules discovers his godly origin and his life on earth, finally realizing where he belongs. He knows his true home is on Earth with meg, but never forgets his place on Mount Olympus.
Freedom to Live
Hercules solves his problem of not knowing where he belongs, and has the love of another that makes everything better. His worries have vanished, and he is pleased with his life, allowing him
The Freedom to Live.
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