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Fiber Information

No description

Lisa Hansen

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Fiber Information

Shape Retention: Very good

Luster: A subtle shine

Absorbancy: Highly absorbant

Wicking: Does not wick

Washability: Dry clean only the ultimate prezi fashion prezi (: In this bubble you will talk about acetate Acetate Nylon Strength- Relatively strong due to the structure of laywers

Durability- it is strong and durable

Resilience- Chemicals, light

Elasticity- keeps its form and does not extend

Wrinkle Rsistance-wrinkle easy

Wash Ability- cotton can be washed at high temps. some may be drycleaned Cotton Strength- Very strong
Durability- Strong
Wash Ability- Shrinks
Resiliency- Strong Wool Strength: Loses strength when wet

Durability: Low

Resilience: Not very resilient

Elasticity: Lowest elastic recovery of any fiber

Abrasion Resistance: Poor due to
lack of elasticity

Wrinkle: Will wrinkle Rayon Silk is stronger than steel.

It retains its shape and resists wrinkling.

its the most luxurious fabric available to Medievel Europeans.

Makes it cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Its a machine wash gentle cycle and cold water. Silk Nylon in this bubble you will talk about nylon Acrylic
Wrinkle Resistance:Strong
Shape Retention:Strong
Washability:Easy Strength:Strong
Abrasion Resistance:Strong It has a lower breaking strengh
It holds bright color, ray resistance and good for rugs and outdoor wear
It is resilient compared synthetic and natural fiber
It is highly elastic
It has superior abrasion and flex fatigue properties
It is wrinkle resistance
It is shrink and fading resistance
It is excellent in luster-suppressed color development
It is water absorbent and not exactly absorbent
It serves purpose of wicking moisture away from the body
It takes color well and is machine washable Elasticity- Allows it to stretch longer
Abrasion sistance- Strong
Wrinkle Resistance- Springs back quickly
Shape Retention- Would not wrinkle
Luster- Doesn't have it
Absorbency- Takes up moisture in vapor form
Wicking- Wicks moisture away from the skin preventing the conditions that allow bacteria to thrive. Natural Natural
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