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13 colonies

No description

Emma Evanoff

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of 13 colonies

The 13 Colonies By: Emma Evanoff Massachusetts John Winthrop
settled the colony
in 1630. The major cities of Massachusetts are Boston,Plymouth,Salem,
Quincy,Concord and
Lexington. The major industries of Massachusetts are agriculture (fish,corn,livestock) and manufacturing (lumbering,shipbuilding) Massachusetts is in the New England colony. Massachusetts became a state on February 6th 1788. New Hampshire John Wheelwright settled New Hampshire in 1638. The industries of NH are agriculture (potatoes,fishing) and manufacturing (textiles, shipbuilding) One of the major cities in NH is
Concord. New Hampshire is in the New England colony. NH settled on June 21st 1788. New York Peter Minuit settled New York in 1626. The major cities in New York are New York City and Albany. New York became a state on July 26th 1788 The industries in New York are Manufacturing (shipbuilding, ironworks) and Agriculture (cattle,wheat,indigo,grain,rice) New York is in the middle colony. Rhode Island Roger Williams founded the colony in 1636. Providence is a major city in Rhode Island The industries of Rhode Island Are manufacturing nd griculture Connecticut Thomas Hooker settled the colony in 1636. The major cities of Connecticut are Hartford and New Haven Connecticut belongs to the New England colony. major industry of Connecticut is Agriculture. became a state on December 12th 1787. Pennsylvania William Penn founded the colony in 1682 sylvania Became a state on December 12 1787 The major industries of Pennsylvania are manufacturing and agriculture. The major cities of Pennsylvania are Philadelphia,
York and Lancaster. Pennsylvania is in the middle colony. New Jersey English Colonists settled the colony in 1664. The major industry in New Jersey is manufacturing (ironwork and lumber) (livestock,dairy,fishing) (lumbering) Connecticut New Jersey became a state on December 18th 1787 The major cities of New Jersey are Trenton and Princetown. New Jersey is part of the Middle Colony. Delaware Delaware became a state on December 7th Peter Minuit settled Delaware in 1638. One of the major cities in Delaware is Wilmington. The industries in Delaware are Manufacturing (lumber) and agriculture (fishing) Delaware is in the middle colony. Maryland Lord Baltimore settled the colony in 1633. Maryland is in the southern colony. . Maryland became a state on April 28th 1788. The major industries of Maryland are Manufacturing (shipbuilding,ironworks) and agriculture (corn,wheat,rice,
indigo). The major cities in Maryland are Baltimore and Annapolis. Virginia John Smith founded the colony in 1607. Virginia is in the southern colony. Virginia was founded in 1607. The major industry in Virginia is plantation agriculture
(tobacco,wheat,corn). The major cities in Virginia are Jamestown,Richmond and Williamsburg. North Carolina NC is in the southern colony. The major city in North Carolina is Raleigh. Virginia
Colonists settled NC in 1653. North Carolina's major industry is plantation agriculture
(indigo,rice,tobacco). NC became a state on November 21st
1789. South Carolina English Colonists settled SC in 1663.

+ South Carolina became a state on May 23rd 1788. The industries of SC is plantation agriculture (indigo,rice,tobacco). South Carolina is in the southern colony. The major city in SC is Charleston. Georgia The major industry in Georgia is Agriculture (indigo,rice,sugar). Georgia became a state on
January 2nd 1788. James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1732. Savanna is a major city in Georgia
colony THANKS 4 WATCHING! :) Rhode Island is in the New England colony. RI became a state on May 29th 1790.
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