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How to Roast Somebody...

Meet You, the chick/dude with the trouble roasting, but then you roast Britney...

Dao Flawlessness

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of How to Roast Somebody...

Round 1: Britney- 2
You- 1
"Hello? Is there something there where your brain's supposed to be?" People start laughing at you. Ugh, Britney, shut up! But you don't say anything. You need to though! She's trying to get on your nerves, ain't nobody got time for that! So it's best you get on her nerves! Respond back! "Gurl, please, how do you know what's supposed to be in my head, and what's not? You don't got no brain, so how do you know if I got one or nah?" "Ow, she got you Brit! What you gonna do?" "I'm gonna roast her that's what I'm gonna do!" Uh oh. That's a problem for YOU.
Round 2: Britney- 3
You- 2
"Well, than excuse me! At least I got the boys running after me like dogs! Unlike you. All you got is 'yo brother!" Oh my freakin' no. Did she just bring your brother into this roasting? Nope, you gotta do somethin' about it! "Well low prices attract the most customers! Besides, no one wants a dog for a husband, girls wanna MAN! Something that you'll never get!" You feel your heart beating fast? It's called roasting someone! Also known as BURNIN' THEIR BUTTS!
The Beginning of a Roast...
Did Britney just
to roast you? Oh no she did
. Why isn't this the time you thought of some comeback to say? Why do you always think of it in the shower?! Uh oh, everybody's looking at you. You have no idea what to say though. Gurl, get it together, because it's time to get
Round 3: Britney- 4
You- 4
"At least I got somethin' after me! All you have is 'yo brother!" Is that fool still talkin' crap 'bout 'yo bro? No thanks! "You the one that don't got no siblings because no one wants to be related to THAT." You point at her up and down. A whole crowd is gathering around you and Britney. But that's okay, they didn't miss anything because the fun is just beginning...
Round 4: Britney- 6
You- 8
"I would call you stupid, but that would be insulting to stupids!" "Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't speak retard." "Oh my God! SHUT UP!" "Guess, you can't handle smartness talking..." "Whatever!" "You know Britney, I'd slap you, but I don't want to get stupid like you." "OMG. Look, if I throw a stick will you leave?" "I'm pretty sure you'd be the one running after it since you're a -_-_-." (Tryin' to keep it clean here!)
Round 5: Britney- LOSER
"Britney, you should get out of here, because I think stupid just took a detour!" "Fine, I'm leaving!" "Okay, bye screw-up fairy!" "Ahhhhh! STOP!!! I'm leaving!" "P.S. I'm still trying to imagine you with a face!" "Ugh..." And that is how you roast my friend!
That has just been a lesson on: "How to Roast, Like a Bo$$! (Clean)"!!!!!
How to Roast Somebody, Like a Bo$$! (Clean)
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