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Mrs. Mudrich 2016-17 FDOS

No description

Rachel Mudrich

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Mudrich 2016-17 FDOS

Mrs. Mudrich
7th Grade
Language Arts

Welcome Back to School!
Well, you've made it: 7th Grade. The middle of your middle school career. This year, I'll be your Language Arts teacher. Please, don't tell me your don't like to read - tell me you just haven't found the right book for you yet. We can work on that together and expand your minds to great things. I expect great things out of all my students, and have never been let down over the years. Get ready to rise to the challenge, and enjoy the educational ride!
Expectations for this Year:
It's my way, period. Accept that now.
Be responsible for you. Not your mom, not your dad, not grandma, auntie, Uncle Joe, or Flopsey your basset hound; YOU be responsible for YOU.
NO CELLPHONES ON YOUR BODY when you cross into my class. They must be turned off/silent, in your bag. If I catch one on your person (jacket, pants, waistband, shoe) it will result in Saturday School.
Always be in full uniform. This includes: belt, shirts tucked in, polo shirts on designated days (even under sweatshirts and jackets), spirit shirts on Thursdays/Fridays, appropriate shoes, no body piercings.
Never be tardy for my class, and if you are have a pass. This is your first warning. After today, any offense could result in detention.
Be aware of leaving and restroom policies.
Be prepared for class; have supplies.
I am not Wal-Mart - nor are your classmates.
Saturday School and detention will be enforced as needed.
Straight and quiet lines everywhere we go as a class. It's easier if you do it the first time, to save time.
Always give me your respect and your best; I'll do the same to you.

Things I like:
Mrs. Rachel Mudrich
Meet The Teacher:
Married to Jonathan
Mother to Stetson and Shiloh

Years taught: 10
Grades taught: 4th, 7th, & 8th
Subjects taught: All (elementary)
Language Arts/Math (middle)

Graduate of:
Wilmer Elementary
Faith Academy - High School
University of Mobile - Bachelors Degree
University of South Alabama - Masters Degree

University of South Alabama
Doctoral Degree

Graduate: May 2017

Student of:
More About Me:
Proud follower of Jesus Christ!
I love to run! I've ran three half-marathons in memory of my grandfather. (That's 13.1 miles each. Yes, I walked some.)
I have a life goal to visit all 50 states. I've been to 36 so far.
I was a rodeo contestant for over 10 years - I competed in barrel racing and my husband rode bulls.
I live on a farm - we own 4 horses, 3 cows, chickens, 2 donkeys, and 1 dog.
I love to hunt and fish.
I listen to all types of music, but King George Strait is my favorite.
My favorite TV show is Vikings. AMAZING!!
I'm a die-hard Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Hunger Games fan. Like it or not, I don't care. They are awesome. Best books EVER! (Percy Jackson movies are terrible - books are WAY better, just saying).
I collect "Got Milk" posters - have since elementary school. I just love them.
Things I love: bath bombs from Ruby Blue, Starbucks on a long day, a good, cold Coca-Cola (or a hot one; I'm not picky.), and a good steak dinner (Briquettes is my Fav!!)
Mudrich Family
Rotation and Schedule:
*The rotation day schedule goes Day 1-7 rotation.
Ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 > 2,3,4,5,6,7,1 > 3,4,5,6,7,1,2

*Teachers on the Keystone 7th Grade team are:
Mrs. Mudrich, Ms. Windham, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Wakefield, Mr. Bene, and Mrs. Graham.

*Visit school website www.smsbulldogs.com for constant updates for the school, and my personal page on this school website for classroom updates.
The End

"It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities."
A. Dumbledore

Testing Calendar
We will have a testing calendar posted in the hallways and some classrooms to alert you of tests happening in what subject on what day. Please pay attention to this, and update your planners/calendars as needed.
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