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Stephane Metral introducing Architecture Programming with 3DEXPERIENCE

No description

Communication Impararia

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Stephane Metral introducing Architecture Programming with 3DEXPERIENCE

All medias in one place
Architecture Programming

Setup project library in 2 clicks
Manage Knowledge & expertise
Because your knowledge is your asset!
Share trends & best practices
Set goal and objectives
Because capturing customer visions & constraints is critical
Capture project information
Where are we starting from?
Determine quantitative requirements
Quickly study multiple spaces combinations
Identify strategies and create concepts
All information is there, let's get the job done
What if we could focus on
and increase our
Project wiki kowledge base
Breakdown work
Create exploded views
Pinpoint ideas
Validate & promote concepts
Prepare Programming deliverable
You don't have to spend days on your presentation
Estimate building cost and volume
Capture needs online
Create and validate spaces
Even if the technology won't replace our creativity...
We can leverage it to focus on what we value the most
(After all, artificial intelligence is not there yet)
Creativity, innovation, art...
And forget what we hate
Search in emails, have endless "coordination" meetings, downgrade quality...
This is precisely why Dassault Systems has developed 3D
With Impararia, you'll get the right support to connect technology with your day to day work
because every company habits are unique, right?
Available on cloud
Or on premise
(subscribe and start to work within 30min)
(For the delivery, ask to your IT team!)
Ready to go?
Contact me now!
And access all the lessons learned we captured in other industries

Believe it or not, planes and skyscrapers share more than we think
Btw, 3D
can also help you to design & build complex constructions
Such as the Barkley Center, NY
With Dassault Systemes, you'll be now able to access the most advanced 3D collaborative platform
Used by Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Automotive, Fashion, High tech...
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