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Protagonist, Antagonist, Theme, Point Of View, and Authors p

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Rachel Lovell

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Protagonist, Antagonist, Theme, Point Of View, and Authors p

Protagonist, Antagonist, Theme, Point Of View, and Authors purpose.

By: Rachel Lovell

Protagonist and Antagonist!
Theme and Point of View!
Protagonist: The leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel or other fictional text.

Antagonist: A person who is actively obsessed or hostile to someone or something; an adversary.
A protagonist in the story Freak The Mighty is Kevin because when Max is in trouble Kevin goes and saves Max.... Quote: Then a small away voice is saying, "Put your hands up villain!" and I really am falling and the air is coming back into my lungs so fast, it hurts. i'm crumpled up sideways. I can see Freak."
Killer Kane is an antagonist.... Quote: He ties my feet back up in loops the rope tight around this old busted-up boiler thats tipped over, so we can't move or see whats behind me. "Understand you can't be trusted quite yet," he says.
Theme: Subject of discussion.

Point Of View: First person point of view.
A theme for this would be friendship because if they didn't become friends then Max would still be with his father and living a bad life. Also when Max and Kevin are getting bullied they figure out what their friendship name is going to be....... Quote: He's raising his fist and punching in the air and going, "Freak The Mighty! Freak The Mighty!"
The point of view is the first person point of view and the first person point of view is Max.
Quotes of point of view!:)
Happy- Quote- Then a small faraway voice is saying, "put your hands up, villion!"
Funny- Quote- "Magnesium" He shouts as the white sparklers glitter down over the pond."potassium chlorate!"
Exciting-Quote-"Make it quick", I hiss,and then Freak is kicking my right sholder and I turn that way and he's saying "Go! Go!"
Sad- Qoute- page- Her eyes got all red and blurry and she's saying' "i'm sorry, Maxwell, we did our best."

Authors purpose: The different reasons why the authors writing something.
Authors purpose!:)
The authors purpose is to make people laugh because the book is funny. Also to show people that no matter what you look like you are not what people think. Also shows you that you can always need a friend..... Quote: "Magnesium" he shouts as the white sparklers glitter down over the pond. "potassium chlorate!"
Point of view!:)
Where I Got Pics!:)

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