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Speech - Peer Pressure

No description

Kristen Ed

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Speech - Peer Pressure

You can make bad decisions, just if someone tells you to make them. Peer pressure can
negatively affect
teenagers and
influence them
to make bad
decisions. Peer pressure keeps teens
from voicing what is really on their minds. In 9/10 college rapes and attempted rapes, the victim knew the rapist. [1]
If they do go forward and make a report, do they lose their group of friends because of the so-called problems they are creating?
Would friends be mad at them if they refused? Peer pressure can cause problems related to body image. An overweight teenager among a skinny group of friends
Movies You must peer pressure. Have a friend who feels the same way you do. Having a friend who is also willing to say "no" will make it easier for you to say "no."
Strength in numbers
Having friends with similar values as you makes less opportunities for you to be pressured into something that you don't want to do.
Join a club with people you admire Think through what you are going to say, then say it. Practice in front of a mirror.
Don't say anything hurtful, but be honest. Peer Pressure Peer pressure can lead to risky behaviors. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, breaking rules
71% of teens have tried alcohol by the end of high school. [1] 1. webmd.com - Joanne Barker Are you AFRAID? It won't hurt you! No one will
find out! Roberta Gibbons - University of Minnesota Peer pressure can cause bad school-related behaviors. Not trying hard - bad grades
Rule breaking RESIST Talk to someone you trust about peer pressure. Talk to a friend or sibling who has had experience with peer pressure and ask them how to resist/cope with it.
Don't feel guilty talking to someone if you have already made bad decisions
If you are embarrassed, imagine how you would feel if someone asked you for advice on peer pressure. Avoid people who make bad decisions/ have different values. Avoiding peer pressure in the first place
Just because someone is "popular" doesn't mean they make the best friends.
Think about who you are and what you believe in.
Walk away Tell the person(s) who are pressuring you about the bad things that come out of what they want you to do.
Tell them why you won't. Be firm; don't be talked out of resisting.
Suggest alternatives What happens if you do resist peer pressure?

What happens if you don't? Imagine; if you resist peer pressure: Feel good
Feel at ease
Be confident
Easier to resist later Not everything people tell you or influence you to do is for the best. Can't peer pressure positively effect someone too? Yes; peer pressure can be good too.
That's why you need to hang around positive influences and friends with similar values so they can influence you positively, not negatively. What if the teens who make bad decisions are the only friends who like me? That's not true! What happens if you don't resist peer pressure? Feel burdened
Feel uncomfortable
Physical health may suffer
Less confidence
Harder to resist later You know what to do. Now that you know how you can be negatively affected by peer pressure... ...And how to resist it... ...You don't need to let it change who you are and what you should or shouldn't do.

Please do the right thing. Don't wait to resist; it will only get harder.
Start now.
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